A Happy Turn?

It appears that a ‘happy bug’ is spreading around the people I know. = o I do not feel as though I’m exaggerating too. Nearly everyone I’m remotely close to has gone from a = mood to a = D mood. I’m not quie sure what to make of it all honestly. Sure, it’s great, but it’s kind of strange too.

Interestingly… Or possibly sadly, I think I’m the low man on the happy totem pole. How very unfortunate is that? Or is it? Maybe I’m just happy for everyone and that’s why I’m not giddy like? Or could it be that I need to get some of my own stuff in gear so that I can glee happy like? Forunately I did start reading a language book (on Japanese) last night so I do feel good about that. Step one complete. Next… The Oscars! No wait, next… The weekend! Sing it with me: Alice? Alice? Who the fuc is Alice?!

02-05-2004 04:13 pm

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