April 1998 – email1

From: Gary Ploski
4/2/98 0:29
Subject: Re: Guess who is back?
To: April Harvey

        Hiro? Hiro is in CT? How about that. I wonder how long his stay will be this time. If you find out let me know if you could. The sliver moon that you were refering to in your email… I saw the same piece on Monday… it was pretty impressive wasn’t it. I saw it on the way to Iaido. I kinda paused while I was riding toward the school. “WOW!” I thought as I crashed into the car crossing the road. Ok so maybe I didn’t hit a car.. it was actually another bike rider. We were ok, but it kinda freaked me out a bit. Oh well.

        Happy ppls huh. After spring break, yup. It’ll do it to anyone and everyone for a while. Hope it stays, the happiness, till the end of the semester. THat would make things go nicely nicely. Food? Food? Do you mention that you hadn’t eaten yet? I guess I’m surprised, not. I hope you got something good to eat. Vitamins and stuff are pretty cool sometimes. Mmmmmmmm, cookies. hehehe. anyway… juuuuuuuice, yummmmy. oh yeah… blah blah blah alinoifndoiw wipm or something. That was stuck in my fingers.. they had to let it out. : )

        Happenings over here… I saw Titanic again. This time it was with another 1043 people! PACKED!!! People have joked in the states about the “do not” and the “do” part of the movie (smoking, trash, etc.) needing to refer to cellular phones and beepers and such needing to be turned off during the movie; well, it needs to happen here in JPN!  I think 4 or 5 ppl got phone calls during the movie! It was kinda annoying to hear all the crazy beeps and stuff during the flic. I can only wonder what’ll happen… then again, I wonder if nothing will happen. Guess I’ll have to wait to find out.

        To get a seat it is a near necessity to have been involved in the OLYMPICS! You’ve got to RUN to get a seat; I’m not kidding!  We (Hisae and I) ended up about 5 rows back from the front. CLOOOOOOSe to the screen, oh well. Somthing about some of the seats in the theater.. THere were RESERVED SEATS!!!! They had something on them to indicate to we poor saps that we couldn’t sit on them. Those seats were in the middle of the theater for perfect viewing of the movie, the lucky saps. bummer.

        Philip and I have been working on the video and it appears that it’ll be pretty close to the hour length that we figured — YES! cool thang. I’ve also begun a reorganization of my study of Japanese verbs. I have to put them into one book so I can see only verbs and the forms of each verb. Fun times.

        Today’s agenda brought me to the SONY BUILDING with Hisae. OOOHHHHHH boy oh boy did I wannnnnnnnnnt so much stuff!! Incredible technologies! Smalllllllll tiny things everywhere! It was pretty incredible!!!! I’d love to buy stuff stuff stuff, but a car is a bit more important. Gotta do what ya gotta do right. It was quite the expensive area — Ginza. Soda costs about 500 yen. This is for a small glass with ice. Crazy stuff! I think that Ginza is th most expensive place in Japan. It’s written about in that way by numerous ppls as well. TALK about expensive! Yikes!

        Well, it’s now… 4/2 12:26 and I’m gonna sign off in about 4 minutes to get some sleep. By the way… I didn’t hit anyone with the bike… : )  My day is over, but your entering into it officially aren’t you. 4/1    Bad fools thang, but then again I think that may have been my first attempt at any type of april fools joke. …with that… have a crazy day in spite of all those damn monkeys flying around taking all the hats.  tou. ciao cito

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