April 1998 – email12

From: Gary Ploski
4/23/98 7:19
Subject: Re: hello?
To: Marianella Perez-Anez, Marianella Perez-Anez

        First, a hug and thanks for contacting me!  If I don’t answer you often is because I don’t have computer at home and I check e-mail at work but don’t have ime to answer them back.  But, I do love to hear from you! How do you always know when I am in CT?  I went only five days because I had interviews in graduate schools.  I want to go to BU and I waiting their answer.  I may go there this fall, so maybe we can get together (and April) this summer.  I would also like to see your mom.  When will you be back in USA?  Excited about the Worldcup?  My team is also Germany!  Good Luck!  Stay in touch!

        Well Mare I must say you’ve brought a smile to my face. I was quite excited to see “Marianella Perez” in my email inbox. I clicked and read it fairly quickly. Actually, it  the first one i read. I don’t know who tells me that you are in CT, but the news gets to me somehow, maybe there is some strange reason that keeps informing me….. hmmmmmmmm, I wonder how I keep finding out. Is good. : )

        I hope that your interviews went well. With you involved I have no doubt that they were fantastic. You’ll be studying studying studying in BU, while I look to find a place to live. I don’t know where I want to live yet. CT? MA? I just don’t know. I want to be near a city, but NY is not one that I wish to be near. Boston on the other hand is NICE place. I love the atmosphere up there. It’s such a “COLLGE TOWN”. Ohhhh the fun! hehehe.

        If you go to CT in the Fall I will get to see you! I’ll be returning in AUGUST! Yes indeed! AUGUST! School starts at about that time sooooooo if you’re going to be in school you’ll probably be there at the same time. Waahhhooo and COOL and  yoshi!

        Regarding getting together…. I know my mom would love to see you. Hell, my family would love to see you again. But, regarding APRIL… well, let’s just say things have changed considerable. As of right now we are now able to go out with other people. This happened about 2 months ago. It was hard to accept at first, but I’ve realized that I didn’t like who I was with her. To be honest, the relationship will be changing again after I return, and I’m not implying that I want to ‘fix’ everything/anything. Things happen in life for certain reasons.

        Soooooo, I would like to get together with you when you come up to CT, but am not going to bring April with me. Anyway, enough of that stuff. Kazi has been trying to get a hold of you because he wants to contact someone and thinks that you might have the info he needs. I think he wants, please excuse the spelling, Ailene Rositor’s email address. If you have it send it to me or send it to Kazi.

        Well Mare, I hope to hear from you again. I am looking forward to watching DOITSU kick ass in the world cup! They rule!!!!! Huh… I’m wearing one of their jersey’s right now. How about that.  ( :    : ) Kiosukette ne.  My language is coming along slowly, but I do enjoy learning it. Something different to me, but something cool. Lastly — regarding your next email and seeing you in CT I say — tanoshini. with that… have a crazy day. ciao cito  : >  and oh yeah k.i.t.

(k.i.t.) keep in touch

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