April 1998 – email13

From: Gary Ploski
4/24/98 17:47
Subject: Re: tonight… : )
To: Brian Trusewicz

        I guess that her reaction adds to the continuing enforcements I’ve been concluding. She really doesn’t know me. I think she’d like to believe she does. In ways se knows me, but look at the poetry thing. Am I the kind of person to “tear people apart” in public or even in private? No. I don’t want to burn the bridge, so I would just do the kind of thing I did — point out what happened and kinda put the facts about 2 inches away from their face so they can’t miss it.

        ANyway, you know what’s happening. I’ll have lots of time to go out when I get back… no worries about having to calm someone down because I’m going out to role play. You know what’s gonna happen…. at least with all these implications you can pretty much guess.  : )  Last thing about her — as you said it affected her… I’ve not heard one word from her in over 4 days. She would have had time to email me regarding the poem, but hasn’t. I’m not worrying about it though. “Life goes on, and so do we.” to quote the beatles. hehehe.

        Tell me about the song about Athos!!! I want to hear about this sucker! Doug has a way with that stuff and damn I wanna read the lyrics. Can you get a copy of them and email them to me? That would be sooo cool! I hope there is another reading next year. It’s really the only literary thing that TPU has on an (semi-)annual basis. Gotta keep it goin, just gotta.

        Could you elaborate about the ppl leaving issue? I wonder if I know who is leaving. Fill me in dude. It’ll either astonish me or be repetative…. either is cool to me.  What is up with Seth D? Have you heard from him? I just thought of him while I was typing so I threw in a seth d  quote. No rhyme or reason in my head usually. That’s a good thing. Hope to hear from you NOW! Yesssss! NOW! Write back to me dude! ciao cito Ramses

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