April 1998 – email4

From: Gary Ploski
4/10/98 22:48
Subject: Re: Hahahaha!!!
To: Maria Larsson

        Sorrrry. It took a bit of time for me to write back to you. Apologizes I send. BUT! I havn’t lost your email(s)! I have had you email screaming at me telling me to write back to you! Soooo, now that everyone is a sleep in my apt. I can write to you! yeaaahhhh!! I’ve got visitors from CT – ma, uncle, aunt, 3 cousins!!! Tooo many people,but they are all asleep. 2 in one room, 1 in another, 3 in the hotel! hahaha! kicked em out! haha

        your questions were: So, how is it in Japan? How do you like the people? How is it going with the language?

        1. Japan is siko!  that’s pronounced “psy-co” It’s great, but then again it’s not. It’s kinda a strange thing. It reminds me of the US. I like so much about it, but then again there so much that I don’t like. It’s a Love/Hate relationship. Gotta love it. go team.

        2. the ppl. Ohh, can I take em home with me? pleeeezzzzeee!!! They are so respectful! Ahhh, damn! they just kick ass! No worries on my side of the boat! Give me an oar and I’m rowing! Yes I don’t mind the fact that I’m all alone, some japanese dude will jump in and help me out! Ahhhh!! the greatness of it all! the ppl are nice. heheheh : )

        3. the language. Well it seems that this is a 2 steps fwd, fall on your back after tripping over the log, which brings you back to the same place you began months ago. Yes one of those things. seriously though… no, seriously, this is the truth! : )  ok ok. I’m doin ok. I have been able to do somethings without as much stress as I had months ago. It’s a slow process and I’m working my way along the road. Only time will tell how far I’m able to get in this lovely language. Who knew? i didn’t.

        Well, that’s the wrap. I’ve been hanging out and flying around on my broom stick. Just because I can. Hope things are going nicely nicely for you and your fam. Have a crazy day. ciao cito

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