April 1998 – email6

Subject: Fam time.

        It all began about 22 years ago in the city of Waterbury. I was asked a question by my mom, she said “When are you gonna pick me up?” I thought, “dofukaj dunaovja .,v ar navnorg ai…” for the reason that I had no clue what she was saying. I guess I gave her an adequate responce because she was there on time! That’s right! Actually she was a little early. How about that!

        It was a cold and stormy night… wait that’s a peanuts(tm) card. uh oh! infringment! I’m going to… take my ma back to Asaka with me because, well, that’s where I live. : ) Nah… let’s have some fun first! hehehehe! I’m such an evil child. She flies to Tokyo via San Jose and Boston and I take her out in on the town just after her arrival. Grin… that’s what I did.

D1  4/4

        Ikebukuro with, who else, KAZI-man! boooyaaahhh!! Count the ways.. nah, I’d have lost your attention by the time I finished. Dinner in an Italian restaurant. The food was good, other than the flopping fish in my pasta. I KID YOU NOT! ok, ok, ok… i kid you. I kept her out until about 10:30. She arrived in Tokyo at about 3. Ewwwwww, I’z a bad boy aren’t I!  Get this… check out D2!

D2  4/5

        Top of the mornin to ya. That’s to you ma! Why so reader? Well, let’s just say that the birds were up AFTER us! hahha! We were up and about in the apartment at about 6:00 AM!!!!! : >  D2 was the day for my shodan ranking! YES! Would I accomplish my life long dream? Could I complete it by the end of the day…. I don’t know. I don’t know what my life long dream is yet. Guess I’ll have to live with the fact that it was an “ii-tenki” day! Gorgeous! Also, ma got to experience some fun stuff, well, she took pictures of some cool stuff. Iaido to be precise. I’ve got em in the album… gimme a call – we’ll do lunch. : )  How’d that get in there? lunch?

        Back to D2 — After the ranking, my fellow Iaido specialists and my ma went to … dan ta ta dan dan dan dannnnnn  DENNY’S!! Denny’s is different allllll over the world.. I had French Toast…. ok, so it’s not completely different. They do sell suishi and stuff, anyway. I used so much Japanese during the day that when we got back to Asaka I was brain dead! I no kid you this time, really. It was cool. The woman that I thought had something against me was very very welcoming to my ma and me all day; it was great! She told me that “Old Japanese will not eat even if they are STARVING, but younger Japanese will eat if they are hungry. I think that’s pretty much a constant.. what do you think? fill me in. END D2.

D3  4/6

        What did we do during D3? hmmmmm. Ahhhh!!! I remember! We went to … the city hallllll!!!! yeah! intro! intro! how many times will the same thing be said? count em for me. would you mind? ( :  Did the intro thing and then went back to the apartment and FINSHED the VIDEO! YESS!!!! Philip and I did a pretty good job on this thing; in my opnion of course. I say this because my ma was crackin up throughout the viewing of the video as well. She liked. Iz gewd, no. As Philip was leaving Hisae arrived and after that moment we chilled. Ma was readin a book; how about that. Hisae and I were just figuring stuff out for the trip to Nikko… huh? Nikko? Chillllllll, I’ll tell ya… another day. That…… was it. i think. oh right! I can edit this later. Luck me.

D4  4/7

        Ahhhhh. an ode to chilling. Chill chill, what do you will? sitting and drinking, they mark up my till. But chill chill, you’ve got the bill. chill chill, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!  Ok, sorry, got of the topic… a biiiiiit there didn’t I. yeah.  D4 was the relaxing day. Yes, I let ma relax during D4 and D3!!! Seeee! I am a nice kid. I only pushed her to the limits during D1. Or did i? After the chllin time we met Matt in Kawagoe… to do what? What else do you do in a big city? chill. did you get it right? : ]  Matt said he was gonna stay another year… but it sounds like he’s not sure… what’ to do Matt? What to do? I dunno…. maybe Santa knows. Ask him, he’ll help.

D5  4/8

        I had the HIccups today. After each one I had to Sigh. It was tough knowing what I was thinking when I wanted to think. You follow? Me too, tough thinking that was isn’t it. ouchers! Onward… I’ve got pictures of hiccup-sigh learning about her name. It was realllly funny. Cheeks were in pain. Gosh darnit, hate when that happens. Some cattle just flew over and … well, it wasn’t pretty. Man that’s disgusting. All this tranpired in, tah dah!, Nikko. Told you I’d tell you about it. Hisae, ma and I went to see the 3 monkeys and to climb as many STAIRS as possible! Let’s goooooooooo! UP! Up, and… up some more. Sorry, superman stuff is ™-ed. Bummers. Pout…. slap! mmmm, that felt good. As I was saying Coffee is good out of vending machines… at least that’s what my mom said. She had her first coffee out of a vending machine… and it was warm! and it was in a can! oh my… i need some smelling salts… breeth Gar… pheewww, ok.

        The day was fun, we saw lot’s of…… stuff. Yes I’m getting into detail with this email. Haffta do it. ( :  mmmmm.. you aren’t experiencing this… but I am. My battery is low. Ya see, I’m on the shinkansen, aka bullet train, and I’m almost outta juice. Doshio… doshio… doshio. …. time passes …. and then I screw up something in Japanese and the guy next to me helps me out. Lucky times. There’s an outlet in the washroom. Just a sink and asome water. gotta go. smelllllly!!!! yuck. some dudes were spraying something to get rid of the damn smoke smell in between the cars. I’d like to charge this thing up…. but I’ll arrive by.. sorry. no need to explain. you’re reading about the trip still… or were you day dreaming? it could happen…

        Nikko — it was very cool to see, SNOW! a little, but still snow is snow is snow is water. Lot’s of trees as well. I like, it was good to see nature again. None of that concrete jungle stuff, blehhh!! more later. Ok it’s been about 4 days since I wrote this stuff and I have no idea where I was going with this stuff. Happy days are here again. Wrap up… Nikko – COOL! Trees and lots and lots of steps! Hahahaha! Racin to the top after Hisae was half up the stairs… ohhh yeahhh! Racin to the brink of nothin, like I said, I have no idea where I was going with this stuff, so… “NEEEXXXTTT!”

        Ewww! I just remembered something Explaining the concept of “dating”, “seeing”, and “talking” is quite difficult be it someone native to the US or to a foreigner to the states. Boy oh boy is that difficult. Do you understand the differences? If not… don’t feel bad.

D6 4/9

        Woke up late and then went to Seiyu with ma for, get this! A tour of the toys! Yeah, I had to show her the toys and all the other fun things. Ma’s gonna buy some fun “grasses” and anything else with and “r” instead of an “l”. You may or may not understand that one. After we finally finished, BROADWAY was the next stop, for a “bidio”. Fun is the theme of life so we decided to rent a fun filled vid — Cable Guy. IT HAD A MEANING! IT ACTUALLY HAD A MEANING!!!! “Somebody’s gotta kill the babysitter.” THE TV!!!! Gotta get rid of it! Lose it! Bye bye birdie!

        Hisae was a visitor to the apt for… the last time. She leaves for TPU on Sat. Good luck with the future crazy singing lady. New stuff to do and new things to do… Ganbattekudasai! I had a good time hanging out with her. Hope to see you when I get back in AUGUST. jane.

D7 4/10

        An interesting day this is/was. The rest of the fam arrived, and woooooooooow was it an omoshiroi jikan. M, T, E, M, and K all stepped out of the customs area and looked a bit…. to be kind… DEAD TO THE WORLD! Ok ok I’ll be honest, they were only corpses walking with luggage. : ) After that we activated all the JR Rail Passes in View Plaza”. It was simple. If you’ve got to do it, no need for worry. THere are directions in English for those like my fam and I. Good times! hahahah!

        Eww!!! Just remembered! Upon arrival to Ikebukro I had Japanese class. Yes indeedy we hadn’t returned to Asaka at that point… hehehe. Ma became the tour guide… First to the hotel, then to the apartment. It was 9:00 when I began my journey back to Asaka. I arrived and met up with M, T, and E. They were walking toward the station to go to the hotel. Mark had half a beer and Tree had 2 sips! What a great way to feel good huh… Cheap and fun, haha! 2 sips! They loved it! Ma, M and K were in the apartment and ready for bed. It was about 30 mins. after I started the vid that the kids were OUT! OUT I tell ya! OUT! We all crashed a while later and then awoke to a loud party! Yes indeed the party was BOOMIN!

        The neighbors were cranking up the tunes and the smells! WOOOO!!! I only wish that they invited us! Why didn’t they invite the truly loud ppl? THE KIDS?! hehehehe. It was a fun ol time actually. I snuck up to the party and let me tell you. They were not even wearing they’re foaodlfm a oinar lar ogia oij can you hear me?! eodfnsdlkfsn oi loud train dfosi j le oijgo so and so I had to go back downstairs because of what happened. It was the bomb! Gotta go back to that place!

D8  4/11

        YOOOOOOKOHAMA!! YOKOHAMA! YOKOHAMA! Kazi joined us for a venture out and about to the fun loving area of Joypolis! We ventured around the area to see the sights and boy BOY-O-BOY were the SIGHTS niiiiiiiice! Kazi and I want to move there! Let’s have some funnnnn! Yokohama is kinda like Boston in the way that there is a lot of art scattered around the city. It was nice to see technology, art, trees, boats, ppl, etc. all in the same place. I’d like to venture there for a longer time, but I don’t know if I’ll get the chance again soon. Maybe that’s were I go in the year 2002! Who knows? I don’t, then again, maybe I do and I’, just not telling you. nah nah nah nah nah nahhh.

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