April 1998 – email9

Subject: Fam time contd. contd. contd. D15  4/19

        From what I remember we went shopping in Ikebukuro for anything and everything. Tree had fun with allllll the plates and other lacquer things in Tobu Department. The rest of us kinda browsed around looking for random things. It was indeed a long day of shopping, but it ended with Tree and Mark going out for food together and the rest of us going to … where else?  KARAOKE! Yes indeed KENNY was the star the night! He sang the song “Lovin You” by some lady that I’d never heard of before. He sang and gave it his all! It was sooooo awesome. He snapped at Meg when she tried to sing with him. “This is my song!” Off went Meg’s mic and Kenny finished it up. He said later that it was for his mom. A very touching thing. Kenny when you look back at that eve by means of my album and the stories shared by everyone that was there…. Give a 6 4 smile and live it up! Your the man Ken!

D16  4/20

        The morning began bright and early. We all, yes the kids as well, went to Asaka City Hall. I had planned on an early arrival so we’d have more time at our next stop and it worked out perfectly. To quote Nuno B. “Happpy, happy, haapppiness.”  CH was a pretty quick vist – only 2 hours. It goes quick. Next was Yon-chu. We were very lucky to be able to go to one class from each grade. 2nd, 1st then 3rd. Things went well considering that the fam couldn’t speak Japanese and the students could speak some English. Huh, you’d almost think that that was the reason for going to the school. BUT, nobody knows.

        From what I remember we went to Asaka-dai next shopped for a bunch of stuff. After that it was on to the Asaka area. Yes, more shopping. What was being purchased? Why, omiyage of course. (gifts) The kids came over to the apt. and watched Pingu, Pingu and Pingu. Did I forget to mention that they watched Pingu? Nope, didn’t think so. Treated the kids to some food that they longed for…. none other than… PIZZA HUT PIZZA. Hey, gotta love the fact that you can fly 14 hours from your home and get the same food from the same restaurant. Of course the same branch. I’d love to eat Pizza from CT, if I was in CT. If they had to fly it over to me it’d probably be really cool. That would be a huge bummer. Nighty night.

D17  4/21

        Lucky for me and the fam; the flight was fairly late in the afternoon. We got everything ready and left for Ikebukuro with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS, there was a LOT, of luggage.  They just missed catching a train that would have gotten them to the airport with lots of time to check in etc., but like I said, they missed it. Soooo, I got them a ticket that would force them to work together as a unified group with one goal — get on the plane on-time.  They would need to do it in about 1hr 15min. vs. the regular 2hr. time. It was this or go to another station, find the platform, get on the train and have 1hr. 35min. to get through immigration.

        As they left I was very luck to be able to meet up with bill-e-boy. Yes the same Bill from TPU. He was in JPN to be the ‘step parent’ for all the new students. We hung out for about 8 hours and had a grand-ol time. It was very cool to be able to chat with someone after the fam left, made things go a lot smoother. Thanks bill-e-boy.

        They made it and emailed me about 20 something hours later telling me everything was ok. Welcome back home and thanks for everything you crazy ppl you! ciao cito

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