April 2001

Monthly ramble: garyploski.COM is not meant to offend you or your pet Marmalade. I do not intend you or your own to find this information insightful, delightful or even useful. This page is up and running only because there is an audience of two, okay maybe one, that would like to see how insignificant I am to the grand scheme of the UNIVERSE! Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause and he said that the “evening toy” he left you does not come with AA batteries. Tough luck girlie, shell out a few bucks. Ya cheap who.. WHOOPS… hehehe, forgot about the minors that might be stopping in. chi chi chi-a. ciao cito – GP 04/25/01

Let it begin…

S — M — T — W — T — F — S
LotD LotD LotD

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