April 2001 – 04/25/2001

early am

t’s at times like this that I sit back and think. It’s peaceful. It’s quiet. And a song titled "Loser" is playing in the background. Hmm. An interesting turn of thoughts. I felt as though I was on top of things for a few minutes. REALLY – i did. Life and all that it can dish out at me has found a way of throwing a slider low and outside. I hate baseball…

strike one

Work can only get better. That is assuming that nothing can get worse of course. I’ll play the pesimist and say it will get worse because, well, it will. Actions and words tend to get confused in certain situations. Presently I see words WAY in the lead. You go wordy words. Unh huh unh huh. Bown chicki bow-wow chicki bown chicki bow-wow. = ) Okay, enough of that blasted music.

I’m looking at this ”strike one’ line that I wrote and I’m thinking "WTF!?" Looooooser, Whoa! I did not intend that. Full circle in less than 30 nanoseconds. Okay so maybe it was closer to 12 minutes. I lose track after 28 nanoseconds. Something to do with cookies on the brain. Today was a clean-up day. I only hope it wasn’t a tangible clean up and was more or a psychological cleaning. Brain is blank <— meaning –> out

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