April 2002 – 04/08/2002

7 days left

7 days left to an approximate 10 week run of rehearsals. Am I sad? Yes and no. This has been a roller coaster of an experience in many aspects. I’ve learned how a LARGE musical can be quite time consuming to all regardless of the role. I’ve learned that dance numbers – long or short – take a good deal of time to learn. I’ve learned that some things don’t go away. ))SIGH((

It’s late, I’m not tired – though I should be. Sunday was a day I will look back on and say — damn I slept HOW long? DAMN 12 hours! Yes I went to bed shortly after we lost our hour – oh yea we need daylight savings time because… ah well, because… I’ll try thinking of a reason later. That is, I’ll REALLY try to think of an excuse to stick to an old habit for no reason whatsoever. = )

"Happy" I say – and I will continue on down that road regardless of the momentary speed bump(s) that I may encounter. Hmm, there is one thing I am concerned about though there is little I can do regards a friend over seas in South America. If you do some research regarding OIL and VENEZUELA you’ll see that the people are on strike and the government shows no signs of weakening their stance. I’ll know soon enough if she’s in any danger. If there is anything to worry about in my life — it is for her and her fellow people in Venezuela…<- meaning -> out

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