B5 & The Water

It seems that I can’t get enough B5 lately. Season 1 is now in the can. The completed can that is. Jacek you were very kind to loan it to me. So very kind. I’m more excited about the show now than I was when I watched it 2+ years ago.

Water on the other hand I am beginning to get enough of because it’s everywhere. I’m referring to the humidity. GAH! I don’t do well with humidity PERIOD. Blah. Gah. Ick.

On an happy note: I seem to have overcome a wall that was keeping me at bay on the volley ball court. Yesterday I slammed home some SERIOUS hits. Many of which were STRAIGHT down. It felt good to play and to play well again. How could I think to quit? Sigh. Emotions can affect us in the most amazing ways. Especially when we least expect it.

Sadly though, the sanders will arrive tomorrow to strip the floor (AGAIN!). SLC likes their floors shiny and sticky. Too bad the sticky goes away quickly. AND… And the gym will be closed. What’s up with that?! No… gasp… gym until July? Home work out here I come.

Lastly, it’s nice to have the chance to watch/help someone go through the beginning steps to something foreign. Despite the fact that fear may be all around, the drive is still there. Rock. It’s there, waiting to be unleashed which, of course, may take time. But there is plenty of that INdeed. The willingness to take the steps forward take guts. I hope Sunday is fun, fun, fun and the talk stays on the geek topics! I’m sure Joe will have plenty to add. Slingers!? Again… OY!

06-16-2004 12:54 am

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