Dawn of the Dead 2004

dawnofthedeadWhat a fun ride. This ‘horror’ film felt to me as though it were made more as an action, psycholgical study than ahorror film. Honestly I’ve never been a fan of horror films for whatever reason. But this, I wanted to see this movie. And I am very glad that I did.

From the opening scene all the way through the credits, YES you need to watch the credits or you’ll miss the real ending, we are treated to a fun action horror film. Characters care about one thing – SURVIVING! While we may judge some of the characters quickly disagreeing with their actions. This movie shows a definite story of people bonding together through an extreme circumstance. Whether it be real or fake humanity finds a way to adapt.

If you’re looking for a fun film with blood and gore you’ve found it. The script isn’t perfect but it’s handled really well. Don’t worry too much about the unexpected scares jumping out at you to scare you. There are a few, but it’s not the only thing to be worried about. = P All in all, a worthwhile matinee that you should see with friends so you can poke and prod each other afterward.
7 of 10

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