December 1997 – Email 1

This email was typed by the lovey and talented, nah… it’s more fun to say the love in my life —- April. She wrote it to our friend Sarah filling her in on what’s happened so far. It’ starts on the 20th of December…… Enjoy. Thanks babe . (for typing this to Sarah — 64!)

    I have a little while to write you and say hi. I have been so busy, we have been going pretty much non stop since i got here.  I wil give you a quick run down of what we have done.

D1 = Dec. 20 — D2 = Dec. 21– D3 = Dec. 22 — D4 = Dec. 23 — D5 = Dec. 24 — D6 = Dec. 25 — D7 = Dec. 26 — D8 = Dec. 27 — D9 = Dec. 28 — D10 = Dec.29 — D11 = Dec.30 — D12 = Dec.31 — D13 = Jan. 1 — D14 = Jan. 2 — D15 = Jan. 3 — D16 = Jan. 4 — D17 = Jan. 5 — D18 = Jan. 6 —

  • Day 1.  arrived, got into bed.  slept
  • Day 2.  went around the city of asaka, met the other AET Philip. Went around the grocery store/department store called Seiyu.  I will have lots of fun stuff brought back from there. Slept through Karoke with Kaz.  Packed and got ready for aussieland
  • Day 3.  On another plane for 8 hours. In Aussieland-  we are at the place where we are staying, kind of like a bed and breakfast. slept.
  • Day 4.  Walked around the city of Cairns.  Pronounced Cans. It is right on the water by the great barrier reef.  Unfortunatly we arrived right at the beginning of the rainy season.  So we only had two days with sun.
  • Day 5.  More walking
  • Day 6.  Xmas(i think)
  • Day 7.  Rainforest and Aborigine show  that was incredible. we took a train to the top of a mountian and took a skyrail down through the rainforest.
  • Day 8. Shopping. You want some gifts? We got’s ’em gifts.
  • Day 9.  we were supposed to go to the reef and go snorkling but it rained pretty hard.  so we slept.  Oh yeah that morning i was peeped by peeping tom.  It was 430am-  i had gotten up to pee and get my watch.  I was sans vetements..or with out clothes..i got back into bed a realized that the curtains on the window were moving. i poked my head up and saw a man looking into the window.  I froze. Gary wouldn’t wake up.  The man stood there for a minute or two, realized i was awake and trying to wake up gary, so he closed the blinds and walked away. I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night needless to say.
  • Day 10.Home-  or japan should i say.  another plane for 8 hours. we finally got back to asaka after two hours on various trains.  Kaz and Monica were in the apartment when got back.  They are staying with us until monica goes home to the states.  She graduated with Kaz.
  • Day 11.  Karoke…shopping
  • Day 12.  New Years Eve…sushi at Hama’s sushi bar in Tokyo. Hama left the begining of last fall semester, he lived in the apartment of middle.  We were also with a guy named Nori.  Then we went to Karoke again.  we all got a little tispy and brought in the new year with the song JUMP.
  • Day13.  Got up real late, like 130pm.  Everyone got dressed and we then went to Kaz’s house for a traditonal Japanese meal.  That was absoultly beautiful, we took pictures of the food.  then we went from there and rented a couple movies.
  • Day14.  TOKYO DISNEY LAND!!!!  we spent a great majority of the day there.  we had so much fun, there was a light show and fireworks. we went on a bunch of rides.
  • Day 15. ADDITION BY GARY — We went to a Temple in Asakusa. Rille had, shall we say a mind twisting experience during and after this place. After Asakusa we went to Ueno, a very busy place with trains passing overhead (often!). We went back to the apartment to relax. Rille needed some food and some time away from the maddness — it worked. We went out again and things were much much better.
  • Day 16.  Hard Rock Cafe and Tokyo Tower in Roppingi.
  • Day 17.  ADDITION BY GARY — Joypolis. That’s the name of a coooooool place in Ikebukuro! They have games that are life size. A real Toyota Celica moved by hydrolics, it really  felt like the car was fish-tailing! It was incredible…Also horse racing(you have to make the horse run run run by moving the horse up and down — oh yeah it’s just like your riding a horse, but there isn’t any smell — hehehe., and FOUR WAY AIR HOCKEY!!! It was sooo cool.
  • Day 18. ADDITION BY GARY — Monika left with Kazi to go to te airport — it was sad for all of us.

        So that is where i have gotten to so far.  Two full weeks with my hunee…as you see we have been super busy.  today gary and i are taking the day just to rest before we go out tonight.  i am glad to hear that you and mike aren’t fighting as of your last email.  I am sorry it has taken this long for me to write you back.  talk to you soon…

        OH YEAH!!!  interesting piece of random inforamtion for your brain….you know that hanging thing without a purpose in the back of you throat called the uvula? Here, if you translate the japanese word for it directly you would get something called a swallow dick.  Yes that is right. There are a couple other fairly funny ones like, snot is translated into nose shit and ear wax is ear shit.

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