December 1997 – Email 3

Another e-mail sent by my loved one to our mutal friend Sarah. This was written with very few days left in Rille’s visit. Sad to say the least, but good in a way looking into the future. Why? I’m goin home that’s why.

From: Gary Ploski 1/11/98 18:58
Subject: a time drawing to a close..
To: Sarah LaPlante

Yes that is right my darling, 5 days left. I will be home around 5pm on friday, I told you that. I will call as soon as I get home and thoughly expect you to come right over. You will be happy to know that I will not have to retake SPEECH. That dreaded class. The GPA for the semester is 3.0 and CGPA is 2.90. Not bad at all. I am quite pleased.

Today Gary and I spent the day lounging and watching Highlander. Joanie sent them this week. So we watched the entire season in about two days. RENT is pumping right now, and Gary is trying to figure out how to order a pizza. A simple thing at home is proving to be quite a difficult task here. But we are working through it together. By the way…what did I tell you about a new cat. You were not suppose to get one. But I will love it just as much as I love Vespa. Is she jealous? I would be.

Last night Gary me and Kaz went to Fujimino, and Kawagoe. Fujimino is a place that has an outdoor outlet mall called Rizm. So we walked around there for a little while and I got a few things. They have a store that is the japanese version of Spencers. I would have to say that it is better than Spencers though. It has a ton more. You would love it. I think you are going to have to come here with me and Gary in the year 2002. Japan is hosting the world cup. So Gar and I are defiantly coming back for that and I think you should come. Gary just ordered a PIZZA!!!!! WAHHOOOOO!!!! Yes we are very excited about.

Hi sar… My forehead was just ablaze… Y? because I was able to have a half and half pizza with maashurumu and hamu (yes thats shrooms and ham…thats JPNese english for ya..) So it was through the help of this crazy lady named RILLE that I was able to get the courage to order something that we do ooooooo so often back in the states in that crazy language we use.. Ahhhh. MUZIKASHI yo (difficult!) “GO BACK TO CHINA bidebaaaa.” plays the disc. N-e-way have a crazy day in the land of which I call ‘home’ — on a regular basis.. chat with ya lata..

To your dad….Tell him the world is just toooo filled with love to have it only flow between two or even 100 people soo you two are just spreadin the love just like you spread the butter on your bagel. enjoy enjoy. ciao ciao ciao ciao i say. ciao cito

Yes back to me…the normal one. Spreading the love i guess we are. All those lonely wine filled nights. I am going to get Gary to show me the pictures of stephanie seymore that he downloaded. But that is another discussion….I can’t wait to talk to you…love rille….give mike a big hug and kiss for me.

GARY PLOSKI *dis male has’nt ben prof*
ESUTO-SAWA 102 *red their May b ear or’s.*
3-2-47 HON-CHO (a.c.)milk
ASAKA-SHI, SAITAMA gotta love it
HOME# 001-81-(48)469-3883 WorkFAX#:(048)467-4716

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