December 2001 – 12/26/2001

Apprx 14 hours

Let’s see that’s 9 (LOTR) + 5 (Vanilla Sky), that’s 14 + another 2 (Akira) and maybe another 2 (Matrix) totalling out at LEAST 18 hours of my weekend! Now that’s a movie weekend if there ever was one. Oh, if you have yet to see LOTR – GO NOW.

Xmas was calm. Nice and calm. How calm, look back at the last sentence I just friggin wrote it. On yet another positive note, the Spider-Man trailer is kicking ass on the net. Yea yea yea!

Spider-Man QuickTime trailer a big draw in offices
Nielsen//NetRatings claims that 839,000 office workers visited Apple’s Web site during the week ending Dec. 16, compared with 418,000 the week before — a jump of 101 percent. The company indicated that 16 percent of those office dwellers — about 134,000 unique visitors, ended up checking out the QuickTime-encoded trailer for Spider-Man hosted on Apple’s site.

Oh it’s going to be a great year in the movie theater. Hollywood seems to be waking up. Run along now kiddies and find yourself a happy place. Joy…<- meaning -> out

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