Dual Citizenship Opportunities

WOW! Let the fortunes of life keep on keep on movin’ on! Not for me though. Emma was just invited to stay with her cousin throughout the summer and into the fall. From there she’s thinkin’ about the idea of Grad School in the UK since it’ll be cheaper there. This would be after some commercial work in a little place called Nippon. FOR-TUNE-ATE INDEED! Happy times on the stressful side of life for a soon to be internationally traveling dually – citizen that is. Totally green, but happy for her just the same.

Ironic timing? Yea, look it up.

04-28-2004 10:55 am

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  1. Deep breath- fear, excitement, nerves: all those things that go along with changing your life completely. I always knew Id live in England at some point. I just didnt know it would be now. Didnt know it until this morning when I received an invitation from my cousin to stay with her while exploring work opportunities in England. And then I spoke with my other job opportunity and they said I could set up Nippon from London. So England then Nippon. Does it get any better? And the beauty is that I already have friends and family over there(England not Japan)- moral support. And its really nice to know that my friends and family in NY support me as well. Im just really going to miss them, more than I know how to say. Happy/Sad is what I feel. Like I said before to Chico, thanks for pushing me and being excited for me. It really means a lot. Youíve been more supportive than anyone.

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