february 1998 – email10

New work? Indeed Rille’s mom is jumping into a hell-ov-a job. Ouch is the key word… take a gander. Rain? Rain rain go away! Don’t come back till Gary goes to go-chu….

From: Gary Ploski                               2/24/98 17:57
Subject: Question
To: April Harvey

        The say was – get this – rainy. YES INDEED I am going to GO-CHU. Everytime I go to this school it rains!!! It started last Fri – the day I was supposed to switch school ( go from number 2 to 5.) AHHH!! Annnnnd it’s gonna rain again tomorrow. It’s kinda funny. Oh well.
        Tonight in JPN and I need to do something about my brain, it’s going nuts. I tried to write something this morning and I got one line down then my brain froze. I think it was because of my amazement regarding Brian’s email. I’m still wandering what’s goin on. I’m tryin to uderstand what he wrote, but am not finding that thinking to be to successful. ohh well.
    I hope to hear from you lata. I’ll probably get to bed a little bit early tonight cause last night I was chattin with your mom for a while and didn’t get to bed until about 2:15. SHe’s very nervous!!!
        Did she tell you about the last person that was in charge of this place? They went bankrupt in jul.! It was reorganized and reopened in sept. OUCH! PResssssure! I think she’ll do a great job. the job was hers they just hadn’t told her for a while. What a woman! Ma/Mom are the BOMB! We’s lucky crazy lady. And – least I forget – your dad can be a very very supportive and helpful guy when he’s physically on the ground. hehehe. what a statement.
        ok with that. TOU and wanting you to touch my…… feet. THEY IS COOOOLD!!! Yucky! hehehe. I want a hug truthfully. Hope you have a mad fun busy day. Hey is there lots of snow on the ground still? Thinking of getting on Mainenence about the bell ASAP. It will be up before I return. i hope.
        tille later love.

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