February 1998 – email11

Snow White (live action? yes it’s available) Reindeer? Where when? huh? What the heck are you talking about? A real conversation between Philip and Mr. Uto. STREESSSSSS about flowers? Nah… just the origin. etc. etc. Things have to come out some time. And a very sad mentioning…. A friend of mine from Holy Cross High School was killed in a car accident…. Not a good thing…

From: Gary Ploski                          2/27/98 0:23
Subject: Here goes nothin’
To: April Harvey

Philip – may I use the toilet?
Uto – sure. go ahead.
P – uh. the light doesn’t work.
uto – oh really? it’s been out of order for sometime now. ***I’ll just
go out and get a new light bulb.*** Please hold on for a few minutes.
 – about 20 minutes later, maybe more –
U – Here you are. (Walking in with a bag from a convenience store. Uto
opens the bag and hands Philip a light bulb.)
P – Oh great. I’ll just put it in now. (he struggles for a few minutes
as Uto watches until…
U – I’ll do it Philip. (Philip is confused, but decides to hand Uto the bulb. Letting Uto try himself. — Uto fails. Philip tries again and discovers that the bulb is to big. Opps. The two go upstairs so Philip can use the bathroom/toilet upstairs. WRONG! not happenin’. They come downstairs with -get this- a small flashlight. The bulb was about – im not kidding- 3 cm in diameter. This would be the light to use if you were to use the toilet.
        I’ll just go out and get a new light bulb.   this was hillarious. You know uto a litle so imagine this. This party had been planned for about 3 weeks now and A>the light was blown B>his place (1st flr) was a MESSSSS – so noone could go upstairs C>alll of his dishes were dirty, including utensiles D> alll of his ashtrays were filled with some amount of ash. That threw me for a loop. Uto is just a nut – plain and simple.
        The car ride was decent, only  four or five scares. :o  The party was fun. Pool table (how about that one) karaoke (his own machine – cost him about 1 million yen or $10,000 – ouch huh.) He is the TYPICAL BACHELOR allll the way down to having a frozen pizza in the fridge – yes i said fridge. He had us put the frozen pizza in the fridge and  it stayed there. I don’t know if he’ll remember about the fact that it will have thawed out. Ohh welll. Mr Uto, a many of many talents and strange things….will he ever change? ummmm nope, doubt it. anyway – enough of that stuff – it was fun.
        Before the party we had gone out shopping for food. He is the TYPICAL BACHELOR… I was getting antsy, frustrated, etc., Liz asked me what was up and I hinted about what happened by saying you had left a message on the machine saying i should call asap. She thought i wanted to call you to find out what was happening, but I told her that I had done it already. I hinted that there was something and she said that she would ask no more. It was very nice of her. Ohh one last thing about Liz — As we entered the supermarket type place, Liz spotted some flowers and said “oh they’re AUSTRALIAN… oh wait no they aren’t.”  She said it… hehehehe MADE IN AUS… hehehe. what a crazy thing to do all the time huh.
        Regarding Kim L. I was taken back by the knowledge of her death for a number of reasons. They are what caused my antsyness in the store. On the way to school, after I got off the phone with you, I began thinking about ppl I went to H.S. with and got a bit saddened. SHe isn’t the first person from my class (’93) to have died already. It’s kind of disheartening to hear about all this stuff, but, after all it is life. Another on of my friends died in a most depressing way: He suffocated in his own vomit. He passed out, threw up and never breathed again. Sooo sad, this was about a year or two ago – i can’t remember. The interestig part about that story is that the information regarding his death was kept quiet because of what happened. I only found out because a friend of Traci (cousin) and mine told us what happened. This friend was a cousin to the deceased best friend. SOoo I found out what happened.
        Anyway, I’m going to have that thought in my head for a while now. Just thoght of something… the girl I wrote 2(3?) poems about died about the same time…. Her name was Jen Obernesser. I read the poems about her at the poetry reading…. I also hide in my room on th night of her anniversary last year – do you remember? Wow… this is bad. I dont like this kinda talk… have to switch topics somehow.
        Life has seemingly given me an interesting road on which to walk. It’s taking me through some interesting stuff so far. I’ve seen some moving trees and talking rocks and other things. WHere I end up is somewhere between here and there i think. I can ouly guess. Ahhhhhhhh!
        next — Well people here in JPN have gotten themselves into a depresed state because the GAMES are over. People are noticible saddened because of the fact that they’re over. Quite the interesting thing to be able to witness. — Here we go! ->  Today Philip and I did a rendidtion of Snow White as written by a student at the #6 elementary school in Asaka. Philip was S.W. and I was the prince/horse. He was dressed in a white dress with an excessive amount of ‘lip stick’ on his lips. THe kids put it on him and had fun doing it. It as allllll over. He also had on a funny wig to top it all off.
        I wore a uniquely made costume. It was Philip’s costume from XMas. It was a mock reindeer thingy. I wore brown tights, yes I’ll have pictures, and the mock thing was brown so tht was the horse part. I had on a paper crown and a plastic sword at my side. We were suppoed to kiss in the play. I had fun lipstick on my cheek at the end of the play and the kids were going nuts that we had actually “kissed” — it was funny. After that was the party preparations and before that the phone call to you. I went backwards — dont know why either. oh well.
        Here’s something interesting for you….. THE GRIMM BROTHER’s “SNOW WHITE” is available in video stores over here. SOooo it should be available in the states. It’s a live actions movie with Sigourne Weaver in it as the meany. It was GOOOD and freaky at the same time. PROGRAM IDEA — easy one — rent both and show the difference, people will freak out over the live action version. THEY WILL! The title is shown on the screen over blood covered snow. Blood happens. Death happens. Strangeness happens. It’s good, but I wouldn’t recommend it for kids — ahhhh —- no.
        it’s time for bed. It’s 0:21 and I’m tired hard core. I just have one question — You said something about I hadn’t checked my email so I wouldn’t know about you being woken up 3 times. WHere is that email? Have you not sent it? If so…. send away. Hope you enjoyed this … i’ll be thinking about you, so i hope to dream about you. It’s to easy to so that — think of you that is…. ciao cito babe. imu

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