February 1998 – email12

A short thought about the girl who died. ABS wrote me and told me more about what truly happened.  NEWS — She was driving her car and something stuck, the steering locked and her car crashed into something. She was not killed upon impact, but fell into a coma. She was in a coma for a while then passed away. Very very sad.

From: Gary Ploski                           2/27/98 22:56
Subject: Re: greetings from abs
To:  Allyson Brunette

        Okay, bad stuff first — BIRD! Of course I remember bird. Kim was a fun happy go lucky person. I convinced her, while visiting Southern (SCSU) with Seth, that I was enrolled at TPU and SCSU. Both enrollments were full time! Ha. she was fun to chat with about crazy things, I liked that. It’s really a bummer to hear that it happened, but I guess things like that happen. It’s just a very sad event.

                  —- a moment of silence —-

                  —- a moment of silence —-

        Seth Martin. I spoke with him once since I arrived here in JPN. I called him during the holiday season to speak with him and his family. It was cool talking to him, but it wasn’t the same as HCHS. He’s gone down a different road, as have I. We’re still friends, just not as close as we were when we were at HCHS. Times change, we either accept it or we live in the past.
        Graduation — CONGRATS and OMEDETO. THey mean the same thing, JIC you didn’t know. Its pronounced O-MEn-DEad-TOe  Say the capital letters, the words give you the correct sounds…enjoy. Good luck with the job thing. I’ll be doing the same thing upon my return. Yeah. Looking forward to that — sarcasm placed heavily on… EVERY WORD!
        Email… good luck. some ppl get it and use it everyday. Others every month or two, like AnnieL. Good luck. I’m gonn get goin ABS – keep thinking. Who knows maybe I’ll tell you what that means when I get back. I’ll think about it. Have a crazy day. ciao cito

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