February 1998 – email2

Carrie just helped me out without her knowing she had… Thanks Sooooo much Carr-dog.

From: Gary Ploski                              2/1/98 22:04
Subject: Thank you.
To: Carrie Litwinski

Your probably wondering to what I’m refering. I am refering to something you do a lot. Something you do very very well. Something I have the honor of being able to appreciate. HOW’s this? What’s this? It’s none other than a Carrie tradation — you do it lots! Does TAPE 5 ring a bell? If not, here’s a list for you to hae fun with —

Side A (Pachelart’s oven) 
1-Pachelbell’s Canon 
2-Molto Allegro 
Side B (“Quils maneat les brioches!”) 
1-Feeling Better 
2-Free to Grow 
3-I’m Free 
4-Hey Nonny Nonny 
5-Used to Be 
6-My Dear Companion 
7-Those Memories of You 
8-The Pain of Loving You 
9-Making Plans 
10- To Know Him 
11-Hobe’s Meditation 
12-Wild Flowers

        I’m listening to side a right now… Wonderful stuff you’ve put together dear crazy carr-dog! YOU DA BOMB! YO!! I’m sitting in this evening, just chillin out. I’m going to read about a bunch of the happenings from the year of 1997 in a few minutes. But before I did that I wanted to thank you.
        You are a great person Carr. I’ve been having a tough time over the past week or two and I have been anyone but me. I’ve hated almost every minute of it…. I was doing fun stuff suring the non-minutes. : ) I’m very happy to have met you and am very very happy to say DING DONG YO! U iz DY-NO-MITE!!! ding dong– is that the door? uh, nope. just my hands typing … hmm, have to have the doctor look at that. Strange hands. Anyway, Carr-dog, have a great semester and hopefully, just hopefully — this is a tough one — you’ll see BIG FOOT! You go girl! He’s out there, waitin’ for — U! have a crazy day in this crazy world crazy lady. ciao cito

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