February 1998 – email3

Spidey— school (MAD SCHOOL! CRAZY KIDS!!!!) check it. etc.

From:Gary Ploski                              2/6/98 0:51
Subject: 4 count em. 4.
To: April Harvey

Just read about the new identities spidey will be posing as… I think it’s a pretty cool idea. Bill-e-boy can fill you in if your curious. I dont think that your that curious… but hey, I could be wrong.
        Im sooooooo tired. It’s presently 12:26 and my eyes are dry from the heater and they hurt because they’re open. fun huh. I went into shinjuku and looked at the number of days till the olympics begin… 2 was the number on the board. I want to go into shinjuku tomorrow to take a picture of the board with 1 on it.. I think that’ll be a cool pic for something to laugh at and whatever else.
        My back… Ahhhh. I’ve had my bag on my back for sooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo long today. I’m exaggerating of course… there shouldn’t be that many o’s. I honestly should tell you to take that last o offm cause that is a bit excessive — ya know. I carried around my photo album for
a while with another book in the bag. Wile in Shinjuju, while waiting for Nanae, I just had some stuff in the bag. After standing and waiting for about and hour and a hlaf in the store — she was mad MAD late. about… 50 minutes. I was there from 6:10 – 7:20 waiting for her. She was supposed to be there ar 6:30. I was hurtin… my back that is..
        After that we went to Aki Habara to look for WORD PERFECT. I found the WP Suite for 39000 yen. CD ROM version. No help there. Soo as it turned out — I bought only books! yes indeed. I bought  — Dave Barry Does Japan, Educating Andy(about a foreign kid going through grammer school in JPN – should be interesting), and 3000 JPNese verbs. how about that. Ohh yeah I bought Wizard as well. It’s a fun magazine to read. I really enjoy it. its funnn.
        lets see. Classes SUCKED! with a capital suc! HORRIBLE. Absolutely horrible. I’m not kidding. the teacher and i stopped speaking sooooooooooooooooo many times to try to get the students attention. MESSEDDDD up! I didn’t like that stuff at all.
        After 3-chu I went to 5-sho. (chu-j.h./sho-elementary) WOW. talk about feeling like a STAR! We (phil,liz,me) was signing their name cards they were (this is not a joke!) tripping over each other trying to shake my hand. They were just going and going and going pushing pushing etc. i fell down once onto a few students cause there was no room for me to go backwards. It was CRazy mad fun! that was a nice highlight to the day.
        It was mad! I tell you they were crazy! c.r.a.z.y.! it was pretty neat to see it. they sang a song and played 2 others on their blowing instruments (they blow into it to make it work. its like a piano but realllly small with less keys and its not wood, its plastic — maybe its not like a piano :)    ) the played something from Mononoke Hime and to other things i didn’t recognize.
        hun im goin to sleep. maybe…nope you wont be back from class until after im offline. if you wanna chat. call let it ring once and ill signon. this is regarding the time you have at about 1:15 pm. I’ll chat with you lata babe. TOU! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXone last thing…. have a crazy day. ciao cito .. and ohh yeah… last one to finish that off   –    X

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