February 1998 – email4

Chattin with Rille’s mom about the games and how to make money…. interested now?

From: Gary Ploski                               2/9/98 0:10
Subject: Re: Back from the North
To: Elissa Harvey

        I’m chillin out right now, watchin’ Disclosure. Bi-lingual. yeah yeah yeah.today was do the little things that i haven’t been able to do or just didn’t get to. I ironed the curtains, stitched the bottom of the curtains, they were a little long. Yes indeedy, get the needle and thread out ’cause I’m sewing. Well, I was sewing; I’m done now.
        The opening ceremony was pretty cool from my point of view. I have been able to watch a lot of the games, without commercials! they just show the events. Each and every participant — it’s great! TOPIC SWITCH! after a bit of a delay I try to get back onto the same train i was on b4.
        I had something fun to talk about but… it’s loooong gone. About 60 minutes have passed and I have no idea what I was going into… hmmm. how about. QUESTIONS! THose are alllllways fun!
        How is sue doing? with school, friends, girls, guys, the area, the horses, monopoly – has she started the tournaments yet, ping pong – i hear its the next BIG thing, monopoply – hey it’s got to do what its supposed to do monopolize (the list that is), everything else and anything else, monopoly? that’s a good start
        the big guy. WHat’s his flight schedule been like? up at 2 out by 8, flyin to montana soon – gonna be a dental floss tycoon, the job, the new comedy routine, monopoly — there it is again! geesh!, comics – he’s a closet comic junkie. It’s gotta be true! It’s just gotta!
        You. Sounds like your realllly gettin into this chamber thing. Did you get the job, opened fifteen chains of, take a guess …. come on guess……. come on……. try it once please   _—– pause time__—–___–_-_–__________—-_-_—___—-_–_—-__—__—– monopoly stores? Its the next next BIG thing. People go there to play for the hell of it. They skip work, they get fired and thy try to win money by playing monopoly. Then after they win they go to the bank and find out its fake money. THe reason this will continue is that the guy that wins goes far away EVERY SINGLE TIME! He goes away and everybody thinks that he went to the Bahamas or someother place nice, but in actuality he’s just moved away because he realized how naive he was…
        Whad’dya think? i like it. Time to open the doors! hee hee hee. Ok I’ve rambled enough. Hope your havin a great great day. ciao cito

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