February 1998 – email9

Packages….. Iaido… Language….Robocop 3???…… madness….. SMiles… YIKES! I found my left sock! wahhooo, sorry that’s not in the email, I just found it. hehehe.

From: Gary Ploski                     2/19/98 23:49
Subject: you. alllllllll you.
To: April Harvey

Got your package today which contained drawing done by you. I like the drawings lots, especially because they’re done by you. You have a great talent and I like that about you, very much so I say “Very much so.”
        I haven’t written you (with much detail) since the beginning of the week, so I thought it would be a good idea to do such a thing tonight. Here’s what my evening consisted of, it’s pretty funny – not funny hehe, funny haha.
        Arrived at the Apt @ 4. I didn’t have to go to elementary today so I got home early.
        sat down and read a comic book which came in the mail (Avenger #1 – took long enough)
        Read your cards — save the best for last. Smiled.
        Sat down and ate two English Muffins with Strawberry Jellly on them…
yummy. watched a little of the Olympics and began to lose consciousness.
        Turned off the T.V. and the radio and fell asleep(6:00)…… till about 9 when Liz called to ask me to write something for elementary school for a teacher.
        Made a grinder like sandwich and some egss… interesting combo no. felt better — i was hunry. Chilled out and relaxed a little, until I turned on the comp and typed a few emails.

Now I sit and type to you. YEAH! The pictures are great babe. I’ll have to make some sort of collage and put them in a frame. I think it would look pretty cool! Who know’s maybe it’ll be worth something in the future…. Hey, it could happen.
        Things have been very strange over here for a few reasons… Iaido – I throughly enjoy it, but I get all nerved up just before going. I think “aww man, I have to deal with this language thing again. do i really want to go?” then after it finishes I think “Damn that was cool! I’m so glad I’m a part of this, why do i think about the language thing so much?” It’s one of those up and down things that will keep happening until I leave. Yippee.
        School is kinda the same way. Classes bore me a lot, but when I get the opportunity to just chat with the students it pretty cool. Then again some classes are cool and I think “why didn’t I want to go to the class in the first place?” Up and down, up and down. It’s kind of annoying, but it’s going to keep happening. Oh-well.
        Let’s see… Watanabe has been sick for the past two or three days. He went into work at about 2 today. When I got there at 4 he looked like crap! He was holding a tissue up to his left ear. I wondered what he was doing — until I saw something red on the tissue. His ear was bleeding! UHH!!?? He had no problem with that; I on the other hand did. I said in an inquisitive way “Your ear….. it’s bleeding….. Huh? What are you doing here? Go home and relax, get better then come into work.” He had no reponse to that — in my opinion it was the JPNese attitude coming out ‘deal with it, for the benefit of the group’. Interesting no.
        Anything else… mmm yes. I have a feeling that I’m being isolated in a way by Liz and Philip. It appears that they are sharing information with each other and not with me. I’m only speculating this of course. The reason I say this is MAKO – your friend and mine – called and told me that Liz and Philip would be going to Philip’s upcoming concert. I had no idea that was happening, or did I? I don’t remember. He then said that Liz’s plans had changed and that she would be going with me to a AET thing this Sunday. HUH?? “She is?” I asked. He said “yeah” I hade no clue that she was going to go – i was told by the woman organizing the gathering that Phil and Liz weren’t going to be able make it… Maybe it’s Liz’s way of getting out of both things. Maybe she’s changed her mind. I have no clue.
        Here’s something I realized regarding my grocery shopping time…. I HAVE NONE! I’ve figured out that I have to buy enough food to last the week — you know that it’s not normally done like that here. The quantities are way to small to last the full week. Hmmmmmm, this’ll be fun trying to arrange. Maybe tha’s why I haven’t been eating that well. I’ve got to little time to shop for food. ha. that’s a good one to laugh about. “Sorry I passed out in class Mr/Ms XYZ. I had no time this week to go to Seiyu to buy something to eat. Boy o boy am I hungry.” HA! That’s a kicker!
        Hmmm– anything else? mmmmmmm – i just watched Robocop 3. If you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all…. yup, right on target with that little saying. Yup… let’s see… The kotatsu didn’t arrive today. HUH!
        Watanabe called and they said they tried to deliever it on Monday but someone in receiving (in the city hall) had no idea who a gyari purosuki was, so it went back to shop. They told Watanabe that they were WAITING for a phoe call from us (me) before they were going to do anything else!?!?!? huh?!!?!? There was a number writte on the receipt so they could contact the city hall if the need arose, but it would have made sense to use it. Soo, it’ll be here tomorrow (fri) and I’ll send it next week. I can only wonder how much this is going to cost. It’s gonna be worth it though.
        I’ve got to remember to but those blankets for mom and myself before they’re all gone. I’ll have to do that this weekend. MORE SOOOOOFFTTTT blankets hehehe. HAHAHAHA. Well I think that’s about it. I’m gonna do some leg lifts, i feel a bit onthe plumpy side today – don’t know why I haven’t been eating that much.
        Hope you had fun reading about the crazy world of JPN. I know it’s … Ohh – last bit of fun differences before I go.. Sheik refers to fashion in the US and JPN. In the US it usually refers to silk, flowing, soft, expensive looking things. In JPN it referd to EARTH TONES. Yup… there’s the fact of the day. I wore sheik clothes to school today: black pants and the new Eddie Bauer shirt I bought while you were over here — the green/brown long sleeve collarless shirt. Yes indeedy — a sheik outfit if I say so myself. hehehe.
        Ciao cito babe. Ohh- I’ve got an idea for Ramses in the historical campain. I hope you enjoy it… I’m gonna type it and send it to you. Tell me what you think. TOU lotsssssssss and looooooooots. hmm – that reads completely differently. : )   ciao cito babe. enoy the madness, it’s more fun than bordem.

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