February 2002 – 02/16/2002

Time creates numbness

A Beautiful Mind was endearing and yes, it was beautiful. I highly recommend this film to the general audience as well as the actor sort out there. Crowe makes a wonderful transition from a freshman in University to the present. $8, $5, $3.75, whatever you pay -go see it. It’s well worth it.

On another note, the Britney Spears flic came out last night. Reviews aren’t very positive, though the film will bring in a reasonable share from the weekend. I read a review from a fan (I believe) and felt the need to share it with you/me/everyone. I’ll let you decide what type of audience this film is bringing in:

Get Yours Girl 5 Stars (The post at yahoo) by: swcgetspaid
02/16/02 03:52 pm rating: * * * * *
All you people can say what ever you want. I didn’t think the movie was Academy material, but come on, let’s face it! she’s know dummy. She’s paid in full. Keep your thumb out as she passes you in one of her 2002 Bentley’s. Jelousy will get you know where!! When was the last time you where in a motion picture????? Whens the last time you sold 7 million CD’s. If she can’t sing, act, or dance I’ll say she’s pretty f**cking smart!. I say you go girl!!!

Feel better "noing" what you know now? Oy. The post from last night about "The big ‘W’", well, I still feel it. I didn’t do anything to resolve it either. Though I am considering a venture to NY to visit some friends. WTF, why not. The car is clean, the night is quiet and I don’t feel like being around people just to hear the same conversations. Hmm, I’ll know soon, in about 10 minutes soon…

About 1 hour later – I had to do somethings to the pc, like delete about 200 messages in the sent folder. After a phone call, a call back, and some directions, I do be doin the goin’. Mileage here I come…<- meaning -> out

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