February 2002 – 02/17/2002

Returning to the day to day

Look at that, 3 straight days of updates. Hmm, I think I’m getting back into it. Hey Hey Hey! NY was a great release. I spent lots-a money on that hooker, I MEAN, the CD’s, DVD & TAPE!!! Heh, that slipped out didn’t it. Heh, whoops. I could be slimmy and delete it but I’ll live with the repercussions. Damn.

Garbage – Beautiful Garbage (Japanese Import), Dream Theater – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, and two THUMB presentations – Thumb Wars & The Blair Thumb. = ) All is fine and good with the listening and viewing world now. Ahhh glee and bliss. Now all I need to do is see LOTR again with ‘the door’ and my eyes will be pleased all around – yup, all around – you read into that properly mr/ms reader.

Regarding the ‘changing of my actions’ toward women and how I can find happiness I am making progress. I feel that the first step has been taken and many more are to follow. I feel better, though I still want to clear up some truths that are out there waiting for me to learn about. Once that objecive is complete I expect to proceed nicely nicely…<- meaning -> out

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