February 2002 – 02/18/2002


1st – the recyclable were not picked up even though schedule is slated for today.

2nd – work was a battle or ridiculousness even though it was super dead since the markets were closed.

3rd – I fucking hate cops. Yes that’s the first time I’ve ever spelt out fucking – oh and look, the second.

On a twisted positive note I now know where I stand with ‘the door’. Yea me. As I said to myself earlier ‘The rips are now visible, now let the healing begin.’

What a fucking day. I HATE COPS! HATE THEM! I’m going to go to class now and sing a song about love. Ah yes how nice huh. It’s called — Fallin’ — and goes a little like this…

I’m afraid to fly,
and I don’t know why

I’m jealous of the people
who are not afraid to die.

It’s just that I recall,
back when I was small,

someone promised that they’d catch me,
then they let me fall; and now I’m fallin’,
fallen fast again.

Why do I always take a fall
when I fall in love.

Just gets ya right there doesn’t it. ))sigh((…<- meaning -> out

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