February 2002 – 02/20-28/2002

The Wrap

Many things have happened since my last couple posts. I’m quite late it seems, whoops = ) all right, here’s the lowdown that I can recall:

I paid the damn infraction – I am still pissed about that bloody thing.

I’ve roped three people into a trip to Japan! Hell yea. Within one night the number doubled from 2 to 4. BT, YB, and PM will travel 14 hours with me for a 10 day trip in the land of the Rising Sun. ROCK!

As I mentioned ‘the door’ FINALLY told me some things I needed to know about. Good? Nah. Fact, ayup. My options are limited as they have always been, but at least I know where I stand now.

Speaking of which, I’ve actually met a certain X chromosome at class…

Continuing with the ex topic, a certain person from my past (that is quite far away) has found the Internet to be an extremely cheap and effective way of reaching me. We’ve built up something that was there a long time ago – 1993 to be specific – but faded due to time and distance.

All in all, a pretty damn good wrap up to a month I must say…<- meaning -> out

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