Five Years Ago – Chili's

Flash back time baby! Here’s the lowdown.

About one month ago my mom received a strange phone call. Some girl she didn’t recognize, a name that sounded unfamiliar, and a request to which she couldn’t provide assistance. This is the tale of the long misplaced phone number.

“It was some girl with the name Julie something Gar.” Mudda was just as confused as I was. Then she elaborated a bit more which cleared up the details. It was a short call but mudda finally said the last name. VOILA! I knew EXACTLY who had called and I laughed.

A month later, after my chuckle session and a full description of what that phone call meant and who this “Julia” was I finally got a chance to dial the digits. It was, well, it was a wild chat.

In five years changes people. Five years can be a long time. Five years, that’s pretty much how long it’s been since we’ve spoken to each other. Wow, five years. I was happy to hear that life is treating her well. Engaged, laughing, living, etc. And after all this time she wanted to touch base with me, lil ol me again. Who’da thunk it. I was really touched.

Jules (if you’re reading this) I hope you don’t mind me quoting you but you wrote some things that forced me to take a step back and appreciate what you wrote.

As I said, so many people have come and gone in my life, some I wish would have stayed, and some that stayed I wish would go:) But I always wished you stayed. I never forgot about you. I always considered myself very lucky to have been able to know you the way I did, even though Chili’s was one of the worst experiences, I met you, and that I think was something God gave me, and I’m a jerk for letting it slip away.

What the last line refers to is a message I left on her machine that she never returned. Sadly our friendship faded. I actually had her number on my dresser when I lived in Prospect for two years but never called because, well, I think I felt put off since my last attempt had failed. “Ah well,” I thought “at least I tried.”

$30 and a phone call later we have the chance to meet up again. The Internet is a most excellent place. Oddly enough she and her friends couldn’t find me online. It’s not that “Gary Ploski” or “garyploski” or Gary Ploski would find this site. Hell, google even askes if “Gary Plosky” should be “Gary Ploski”. Way to go google. You got my back. = )

All I’m trying to say here is… It’s great to be in contact with you again Jules. I’m happy that you’re life is in as excellent a position as it is and I look forward to hanging out again. Rock. = )

04-13-2004 12:51 am

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