FL – pronouced (shopping)

Yesterday was an amazing day. A day of awe. A day of… O. M. G. ! It was a day, and I mean a DAY, of shopping. It started early and continued until 8ish. I don’t remember the specifics. It’s all a haze this morning, but I DO know that the five (5) of us walked around lots and that the back of the car was QUITE full of bags full of clotheses… trixy hobbitses.

For this lil XY it was a bit much. I am looking forward to avoiding as many stores as possible for the rest of the week. This is not an at all in any way anything but the truth. Phew.

Today I get to see some old faces – the Harvey’s. I’m pretty excited. If you’re onna them Harvey peeps – Hello Harvey’s See you soon. Well, all of you except the odd one up in CT. I’ll see you, CT dweller, when you can get away from work.

One last thought… It’s actually a wee bit chilly out there. WEE BIT people! Just a wee bit! As in I may wear one of my long sleeve t-shirts. Though, this info is as of 8:45 AM. It does tend to be chilly at that time of the day. More on that later. Now… I leave and let you rot.

11-29-2003 09:30 am

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