FL – pronounced (NY) Part 1


That’s the approximate number of the temperature in Fahrenheit I was BLESSED with upon my arrival to good ol LaGuardia Airport.

Is this sarcasm? No… not at ALL! I was so happy to be in the cold. I felt good. I felt clean. Ahhhh. It was so refreshing. Once again being away from the New England area has taught me how much I love this part of the country. As every part has its short comings I don’t mind it here. I really like this part of the country. There are probably other parts that I would love just as much, but, well, to be frank, I haven’t LIVED there yet so I dunno.

FL… it was a nice week. Very relaxing and climactically cool. There was a cold front that went through the area so the temps were ONLY in the high 60’s. So rough. Hell, I sat outside for 2+ hours reading the coldest evening I was there until 10:30 and I was finally cold enough that I needed to go inside. Outside until 10:30 in December! Yea, it was nice.

Damn… I have more thoughts but I need to get some work done. Part 2 of FL – pronounced (NY) is soon to follow.

12-04-2003 10:32 am

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