FL – pronounced (phl)

Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey! It’s 9:31 AM and I’m up already. I say this because for the past two days here in FL I’ve been woken up at 9!! Nine! UGH! 9!? Okay, maybe it’s not early, but when your on vacation – hot diggity it is. = P

The temp here is ONLY 75-80 and it’s going to be and I quote “cold tomorrow… around 66.” Yea. It’s a nice place to vacation. I like that idea. I’ll have more to report of course as it IS only day 2. HAHA! Yes I plan on being relaxed upon my return to NY.

Random info in my head:
my bed will arrive within the next 3 hours, thank you Celeste (my landlord.
My toe nail is about to fall off – FINALLY! Read the toe and the weight to see when this fun all began.
I need to shower. BAD LIKE! They’z all pretty much ready to go and I’m typing in my journal.

Hope everyone had a happy excessive caloric intake day yesterday. Mine was quite entertaining as a group of people that NEVER cook tried to make a dinner for 5. Quite fun indeed. Me be buh-bying now. chichichi-a

11-28-2003 09:41 am

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