History Campaign

After 8 years… it’s over. All the stories have been told.

I’m sort of in shock, but I also feel amazement. I honestly can’t believe this entire thing happened. Ramses… what an amazing character he turned into. Highs and lows that would (WILL!) astonish. I feel so fortunate. BT and DS ran some of the most wonderfully diverse role playing games ever to have taken place.

Other role players out there… You’re probably thinking, “Pff, no way, we have you beat! We played a game that…” Trying to be as humble and un-biased as I can, I can only tell you that there is NO campaign you’ve ever been a part of compares to what we completed this evening. How can I say this?

Simple, we’ve got it documented and have serious ambitions to bring the show to you… to your television… to the movies. It’s ALL been documented. Everything. It’s actually laid out in episode format already actually. I’m lucky enough to have a best friend that is a writer and has extreme ambitions. And I’m lucky enough to have been a part of this fantastically acted campaign.

Dice… Who needs dice? We didn’t. We learned that they held back the game. The characters and the acting became the focal points and they, by wild circumstance, drove the story forward.

Want details? Haha, no way! I’m not spoiling ANY of this stuff. I’d kick myself, and so would BT, DS, JW, MM, JH, TA, MM, and all the others that took part in the game for years. We worked to hard to lay it out in a journal entry. It would spoil the suspense.

Ahh, an 11 hour session to end it all. Amazing. Incredible. Monumental. You’ll see… It will take some time for us to find a way to deliver it all to you, but we’re working on it.

Wow! Just… Wow!

“Ohm. Hi Ohm!” Hahahaha! = D

05-30-2004 02:11 am

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