Horrible Dream

At some point this morning I awoke with panic. My mind was racing for a reason and my heart was pleading for help. Once again a fear of mine took shape within a dream – a nuclear fall out.

I was at work when it happened; oddly enough I remember it happening while I was working. We heard some sort of warning sound so I hid underneath a table. Someone looked at me and said why bother Gar? I responded, but only in my head I think saying ‘Might as well… this just might help.’

Turns out it may have. The warhead went off and things changed. Almost instantly people started to lose their minds. I know, not the traditional reaction we frail flesh bags have to a nuclear explosion. Some people were incinerated, but others went from okay to mindless to dead within minutes it seemed. I was panicked and had no idea what to do. I recall going home. But of course, home wasn’t home.

There were people there. If I try to remember who was there I couldn’t tell you but I do remember watching someone I knew ‘lose it’ during the dream. I wanted to go home to see me mudda but I was told that nobody was being allowed to leave NY.

When I called people all I got was the VM service. It didn’t matter if it was in state or out of the state. This frustrated me to no end. Why would the service work where a bomb had gone off but not elsewhere? Techy mind went into error mode because that made NO sense AT ALL. After a bit of logic crashing in my dream I noticed my car was available to me.

For some reason it worked fine so I drove it somewhere. Interestingly I only used first gear which makes NO sense at all. A guy looked at me and said ‘better use that gas sparingly.’ I acknowledged him and thought ‘Well gee thanks for the advice. I’ll try to remember that since a bomb just went off earlier.’

Everyone was dying left and right. I was slowly being the sole survivor and found myself feeling alone, lonely, and even more scared. The feeling kept growing and growing until the dream changed and I lost focus of everything.

I woke up remembering all my fear and anxiety only to feel comfort at the cool chill in the air from the outside. I WAS home and everything was okay. I think “Perish Twice” is getting to me subconsciously. Thanks Rahotep. (heavy on the sarcasm please waiter, thanks)

04-21-2004 09:38 am

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