January 1998

January 1998

Here’s an update for allllll of you faithful people out there. I have to apologize because I am unable to get caught up with the month of January. I had company for the large part of the month and I was NOT going to sit in front of my computer typing with company only feet away from me. I hope you understand.

ALSO — I am going to try to keep doing the journal, but I see the future of this crazy journal thing being done but once a week. I hope that your curiosity can keep up with that time span. Hope to hear from you allll soon.

Below you will find a link to various emails with the happenings during the month of January. Enjoy…..

1 Email
A reply to Cheryl Poulter telling her about my new found talent…. April was still here. So we watched Highander together, it was fun. Well, a happy thing…..
2 Email
April had just left….and well, it was quite the emotional thing….. Readers beware! This is uncensored!
3 Email
Well………. this just happens to be yet another quite emotional thing….. Readers beware! This is uncensored!
4 Email
Here I am trying to get through the day via humor from Japanese Television. It’s not the best of descriptions but you’ll get the point how strange it was….
5 Email
Days have begun to pass but the days seem like years… What’s gonna happen? Time. “Time heals wounds”

6 Email
News and other stuff in this email… OLD (yeah right) Kanji, MADE IN AUSTRALIA — it’s bold for a reason… FUN? Heard of it before? I was retold of the words meaning…. Cloning cows? naaah. Sweets and candy can be fatal to you if your a student in Japan.. at least when your ‘on the clock’.
7 Email
This email has been made available for one reason…. It’s bolded…. read on.
8 Email
Typing typing typing…..hence the reason why I’m not doing the typing thing twice…. Cool names for things…. Let’s talk about….. crackers.
9 Email
This is TRUE and it’s FUNNY. The American army will do the funniest things sometimes. : )
10 Email
A birthday was kinda forgotten about…well it was forgotten about by the general population of the world.
11 Email
Happy stuff??? Rallly? ralllllllly, wow. The email below is something that made me feel like I belonged to something —- Thanks you Matt. It was a most flatering thing. It also made me want me to go back home a.s.a.p.,but such it the way of a contract and stuff….
12 Email
A wrap up with a little few thoughts from Kazi-man….Also a worrysome question on my part to Rille.
13 Email
A most emotional night…. The country finally influenced me to do something I would never consider doing. It is done. I can do nothing about the past…. but I can do something about the future. I’ve got to do something about the future. As of today (2/8/98) it is official that I will be attending Japanese classes in Ikebukuro. : )
14 Email
Things go and go and go. My photo album is coming along nicely nicely. At the present (2/8/98) it is 35 pages. That’s a loooooot od pages, but it doesn’t seem it. Anyway — there is also a little, just a tiny bit, about my stomach. Wawawawawawawawa. just felt like singing a tune.
15 Email
What is a PROP? Am I? Could be that I feel that way….

16 Email

Your in for a read here. LOTS is in this sucker. Let’s see — Deep Forest, gamma radiation, bagels, words, memory, and more. It’s all yours for just $9.95 a month for the next 2 years. Yes, it slices, it dices,it can even count to 2!!! It’s the all new revamped version ….. and now in lot #22092881 we have a beautiful faux diamond. Yes this beautiful faux can be yours for….. *click* Ok the t.v. is off and so are you… off to the races. Read away.

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