January 1998 – email12

A wrap up with a little few thoughts from Kazi-man….Also a worrysome question on my part to Rille.

From: Gary Ploski                    1/26/98 0:57
Subject: bored am i…. 
To: April Harvey

I’m bored right now… I’m just chillin, waitin, and unfortunatly —- my energy level that was just exceptionally high, has come down to a point where I want to go to bed. Bummer. I was looking fwd to chattin, but it appears that you’ve been called away to do something – o-well. I’m dealin’.
        Let’s c, I typed about MATT, my cousin, and how he feels about me being his cousin, who was it… mozart? beethoven? don’t remember, one of their b-days, the sponge animals, and a plethora (had to use it) of things, but I can’t think about anything else to write… just stuff.
        Actually today Kaz and I had a great discussion about people being leaders of certain groups. It was interesting. We talked about how people view those ‘leaders’ and how the ‘leader’ views themself. We carried that onto a discussion, although be it much later, about Kazi’s father and my father. We discussed how his father was similar to mine in that each father tried to tell their son how to think vs. giving them a chance to think on their own.
        Kaz’s dad seems to want to be a part of Kaz’s life, but he’s going at it the wrong way apparently. An interesting thing.
        Hun. Please take a moment to think about this before you reply. ********Is there anything that is truly bothering you that you haven’t told me? Something that is holding you back? Is school just overloading you with things to do right now? It seems to me that your way way way busy and you’ve little time to yourself compared to the last semester – i almost wrote term, hehehe. I hope it’s just that your really busy and stuff. I understand that the seperation anxiety thing is there, but I just wonder if there is anything else. Your online now. YEAH!!! chat with you…now and later. TOU with smiles across my face. ciao cito

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