January 1998 – email14

Things go and go and go. My photo album is coming along nicely nicely. At the present (2/8/98) it is 35 pages. That’s a loooooot od pages, but it doesn’t seem it. Anyway — there is also a little, just a tiny bit, about my stomach.  Wawawawawawawawa. just felt like singing a tune.

From: Gary Ploski                        1/27/98 23:15
Subject: It’s not 11:11,
To: April Harvey
but it will be soon. You’re in class and I’ve thought about you lots tonight. I don’t know why, but I have. I hope that you have a good day despite the fact that your going from like 8 to 6. That is a bummer and a bummer. No halves here.
        Hun… I finished 3 and 1/2 pages in the album tonight. My eyes hurt. My brain is fried. My back doesn’t hurt as badly as the past few nights cause I used the tatami chair, smart move gar. 3.5 pages F&B is equivalent 7 pages! I did lots and lots tonight and I have just gotten to Disney! Yup. There were a lot of pictres taken before Disney that were foating around in the apt. all waiting to be cut and/or pasted into the album. It’s now 32 pages, well 31.5, of pictures and clippings and stuff. I’m very proud of it… but i want to finish it so i can get to some more stuff. It’s taking me a long time to get up to this semester. Who knows how I react when I develop the film that I finished yesterday…… Y? That’s the roll I used when we were at the airport. On that topic. My stomach feels like SHIT right now. I feel like I’m gonna throw up. It sucks. It’s felt this way for the past 2-3 hours. And yes silly me continued to do the album to try to keep his mind off the pain. It did subdue it, but far from gone is/was it.
        I hope your stomach isn;t hurting as badly as mine is right now. If it is, then we’ve got problems. I listened to an Ozzy song and the new Janet Jackson song tonight. They both reminded me of us. I like the new Janet J. song…. I also thought of us because of a song from the Romeo and Juliet sndtrk… Lot’s I said, lots of thoughts that regarded you. I was happy and sad. I said “I hate living alone!” again. I think I said it this morning and then again this evening. I’ve never experienced such a roller coaster ride like this before.
        DAMNNN! it’s tough. I hope —- with great expectations, that tomorrow’s v-ball practice is good. I’m looking fwd to releasing alll the tension in my muscles. I worked out last night and the muscles are a little sore today — perfect! I hope that I can POUND the ball and wreck havoc on it as I hit it DOWN to the floor. That will be sooooooo nice. It’s 11:11 now….I’m trying to wish, but I just keep thinking that my wishes haven’t been working…. I’lll explain when we chat tomorrow. wishing……. same one…. as the over the past week. ok. Done. I’ll chat with you later……
        I finish this email as i feel a tear, in each eye begin to build. It’s kinda funny, i never thought I would really feel this way… but i do. “how about that” I say, how about that. Have a crazy day and know that I’m thinking of you when I look at the BIG-O and whenever I can. I love you April Harvey. babe.. 64 for me… I’m hittin the hay, or  futon as it’s called here. ciao cito

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