January 1998 – email16

Your in for a read here. LOTS is in this sucker. Let’s see — Deep Forest, gamma radiation, bagels, words, memory, and more. It’s all yours for just $9.95 a month for the next 2 years. Yes, it slices, it dices, it can even count to 2!!! It’s the all new revamped version ….. and now in lot #22092881 we have a beautiful faux diamond. Yes this beautiful faux can be yours for….. *click* Ok the t.v. is off and so are you… off to the races. Read away.

From: Gary Ploski                         1/31/98 13:21
Subject: uh….hi there babe…I’d like
To: April Harvey
to tell you that I don’t know exactly why I was the way I was last night on the phone…. I just felt very little. I felt vinsignificant, I don’t know why. I didn’t like the feeling at all…. I’m sorry if it was
something that hurt you — I still don’t know why it hit me as hard as it did! I reallly didn’t like the feeling at all.
        Now don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I told you… I just, I really didn;t like the feeling I had and I could tell it went into you… I know that your worried about me, just as much as I’m worried about myself. It’s something that I have to get through — I just wish it’d hurry UP! Come on now buck-o let’s get a move on huh? Time to make the doughnuts.
        I was thinking something about the schedule you have this semester…. Here’s my thought “This is probably what it would be like if we didn’t have a computer to talk to each other in a way. We don’t get the chance to chat/IM very often. Hence we can communicate via one sided thoughts because of the time gap. It’s probably how people(ALT’s) in the areas of Japan deal with life because they don’t have a computer. I think that our ability to chat/IM as much as we did last semester helped out a GREAT DEAL. The people that had no contact to ‘home’ probably had drastically different adventures. Personally I’m glad we chatted/im’d so much, but I think I/we expected to do that same type of thing again, but it appears that we will be unable to do such the thing again.”
        That’s the best I could do since I’m eating my ham and cheese bagel and drinking my OJ as I type. GOtta like how bagel is spelt correctly huh. huh. hehehe. Yes it’s true — HE CAN READ, WRITE and SPEAK ENGLISH!! — how about that. I feel good — then like just as quickly as a bear can grab a fish out of the water (that’s quick!!) I’m in a uhh mood. Arrgghhh. I no like.
        Anyway — I’m betting that as I send this to you I’ll get an email from you.. Just a thought that will hopefully come true. WISHING — I know it’s not 11:11, but what the hell, it can’t hurt to try right? : ) hmmm, I’m still hungry. What’m I gonna eat? eggs? pancakes? french toast? cereal? pasta? just had to throw in a lunch dinenr food for the hell of it. OHH!
        I haven’t told you, I think…. Anyway. I got the DEEP FOREST cd, it’s called “DEEP FOREST III”. IT’S GOOOD! Actually it’s realllly goood. I’ve ben listening to it since last Sunday(25th). I’m like’n it I am.
        At the moment I’m sittin in the tatami room with the comp on my lap. The futon, the 3 blankets and the 2 pillows I’ve been using to sleep on are outside getting bombarded by gamma radiation and all those other cool things we get hit with everyday! HAHAHA! KILL THEM ALLL!!! ERADICATE THEM!! HHHAAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAA!
        back to the situation… I’m sitting on the futon chair with my feel an legs in the sun because that’s all that is available because of the stuff outside. Deep Forest is playing on the radio… a-a-bwip-bwip is what the dude is singing. THat’s what it sounds like at least.My hands, they are cold because there is no sun on them. All in all it’s pretty quiet. No loud announcements coming in from the outside world. (((somethings was blaring at like 12 and went on and on and on and on… it was rediculous.))) this is bad— Im popping some pringles into my mouth as I type this to you, BAD GARY BAD GARY! EAT SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOU! ok just one more…ok done
        I’m missin losts and lots babe. You know that, I know that — I HAVE TO DO smething to get that thought out of my mind. It’s not gonna change unless I make an effort to (one more…ok really im done, maybe) to get this thought put to the back of my mnd at the least. I will not, i repeat, I WILL NOT forget it. That’s not gonna happen. I’m babbling…
        I think I know of one of the things that made me feel bad last night. This is good and bad at the same time, but the location of the people involved is what (i think) made it difficult. When you were telling me about the literature course I began to feel really reallly – to be blunt — stupid. I just felt like the stuff in my head had no – and i mean NO- usage possible. I felt dumb. (and one more… sorry, im hungry. no excuses me! i’ll try. liar.) It’s like all the stuff I was learning, whatever that was, was just a joke. I wasn’t really ‘learning’ anything usuable. It was all a bunch of crap.
        I think this is due to the fact that I read something from Brian as well. I’m amazingly jealous of people like you and Brian. You both have a way of writing and a way of remembering things that is incredible to me. I’m sooo envious of the both of you. I think it hit me really hard. I do know that I know stuff, BUT last night it just felt like I had nothing to contribute to the conversation, I didn’t feel like I needed to be on the phone with you — other than being a person on the other side. Do you understand? It’s like if Bill Gates (easy example) called and asked you what the codeing was for the installation program for Windows 95. HUH? What’d you ask for?
        (Did I just?… yup I did, I had another chip…d’oh.) Hun, I’m just letting out all my ideas to you. I’ve probably done the same to you and other people and not known I was doing it – I’m sorry if I did that to you. Im refering directly to stuff in JPN. “yeah so todays ich-nensei at yon-chu was horrible. I mean can you believe how bad those classes are! They just dont care.You know ho bad they can be… breaking things. yelling in class. You know. ahhh it’s horrible” If i did that to you without you knowing anyting(or very little) about schools here how would you feel? Personally I’d say.. “WHAT the hell are you talking about?” Think back to when I asked about making your ‘legs longer’, I had no clue. It felt like you should have been talking to sarah, or someone else equine related.
        Still rambling, i think. Well I’m gonna send this suck-a. Enjoy the paati -  pa/dad dude\ t  – and go to the potty as often as you need. It’s free dont you know. (and another chip — Argghh. To bad these weren;t ;lay’s “noone can eat just one” why? BECAUSE THEY’RE laced with salt! MORE MORE MORE!! AHAHAHH NEed more!)
        Till the mornin’ I bid you a pleasant eve. It’s now 11:20 EDT. In leaving I say,…. IMU and ILU and I wanna a 64 smile RIGHT NOW!! DO IT DO IT!!! did ya do it? tell me later. ciao cito

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