January 1998 – email4

Here I am trying to get through the day via humor from Japanese Television. It’s not the best of descriptions but you’ll get the point how strange it was….

From: Gary Ploski                                       1/18/98 17:45
Subject: Get this…a little bit of craziness on the bube tube here in JPN.
To: April Harvey, Ann LaFontaine, Brian Trusewicz

Crazy pool tricks (5 balls hit around the table all filling in the all going into the bottom of the rack, hitting the cue ball towards the end of the table hard enough to make a coin flip up and fly 50cm landing in a wine like glass, hitting the cue ball so that it goes through a path of balls finishing its route by tapping in the 9 ball at the end….Catching a baseball from 150, 200 & 250 meters (only one guy of four did it)…throwing a baseball through a hole in the wall (a little bigger than the ball) and haveing someone on the other side hit it….This is crazy. I had to write something about it or I knew it would have left my mind… Madddddddddness.
        I’ll keep watchin’ to see if anything else crazy mad comes up on the bube tube.
        Running up steps. Yeah important part of that is they go up for 60m! The winner did it in 16.12 seconds!!! Damn!!!! Now something not so inventive….Speed bowling )looks like four lanes bow;ed in about 1min 30sec. That’s what it looks like anyway. I get it now…it’s a race to 100. The winner did it in 1.10, wild. Now….Juggling a soccer ball. The difficult part — each person is on a platform and they are seperated by about 10-15 feet. Wild. now..A machine that throws a ball 200km/hour. It hit a stationary bat and the thing just shattered. They start at 170km and go up to 200.
        They only previewed this one — Skydiving Catch Ball. Just imagine that one..fun-e.  Ok that’s enough for now. I hope that you all enjoy the humor in this. I know I enjoyed it, for what’s it’s worth of course. have a crazy day peoples. ciao cito

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