January 1998 – email5

Days have begun to pass but the days seem like years… What’s gonna happen? Time. “Time heals wounds”

From: Gary Ploski                                                         1/21/98 0:34
Subject: Re: Fwd: what else is new?
To: April Harvey
Thought I’d tell you that I was goin to bed. Could I ask a favor. Could you send me an email with ONLY your schedule in it. Mon – Fri. in EDT time. I can then calculate the difference and stuff so that when that spring fwd thing happens i’m not lost and stuff. That would be a cooool thing babe. I did a few more pages tonight. The album is like 22 pages (frnt&bck) I noticed that I didnt have any pics of the kid from AUS… I wonder what happened to the pictures of him. Strange huh. Pics taken here in the dark came out — it was bright there.. I dont know, but I do know that my back needs to chill — soooo ill chat with you .. maybe in my mornin’. I hope now that classes have started that the pain goes away at least a little for you babe. It’s faded but I still feel it when I’m bored. I can’t believe it’s only WED! Ahhhh. It feels like I’ve been at the same school for like a month. Ahhh. I’m still havein a tough time getting into the teaching thing….itll pass I know. But for the time being — Just remember that I’m thinking about you and I feel good when I look at the little heart that’s on the book case that is on top of my desk. The one that reads “AH + GP” I like it lots babe. I realllllly do.
        On a quick sisterly note — you may want to email Sue. Sounds like she’s havein’ a tough time. Chris — broke up with her (old news) New stuff—- for me at least — the girls she was (emphsis on was) hanging out with dont seem to care whether she jumps off the bridge or the building if you get my drift. I’ve emailed her but not heard any of this from her — it was mom who told me.
        Ok babe. Go through the day and think. “Just a little time and it’ll be alright” out any type of beat to it — just make it a happpy beat – thats all. TOU!!!! IMU!!!! oh yeah… one more… HEY…. got ya… hehehe. ILU. ciao cito.

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