January 1998 – email7

This email has been made available for one reason…. It’s bolded…. read on.

From: Gary Ploski                                             1/22/98 23:35
Subject: Re: Niju-ichinichi Ichigatsu
To: “Wanns, The”

Did Homie-T fwd you the email I sent her? If not I’ll fwd it.(done)

Love the subject title! HONTO! I wouldn’t lie to you. I’m doing well and have been enjoying the weather over here. IT’s COLD!! hahaha! I like! Asaka (known for it’s lack of snow) was hit hard while April was here! It was great! We made snow angels and got each other with snowballs down the shirt, etc.
        Life is ok, but I look fwd to life in the states again. I realize how lucky I am to be able to live in such a great country! It’s sooo nice to be able to go back to it without any problems…where is my passport by the way. : )  As the world turns….these are the days of our lives….random topic switch sorry.Though about soaps for some reason.
        Yeah the JPNese TV things were weird, and kinda tough to explain with this crazy email thing. — one question though, how’d you get it? I just fwd’d both emails (JPN tv and the email I’m refering to that I sent to Homie-T)(done). Jaaaa, the heads of the home are workin hard huh. Ganbata kudasai! Do it! DO IT DO IT!! yahhaaaa!!! i think. …YEAH! i think!! waahooo! haha.
        The fam in CT. 5 Graveline’s and mi(spanish) haha(japanese) will be comin'(slang) out 4(internet chat room) a visit in April. But April won’t be coming out again, : ( but that’s ok.  Soon enough I will see her. It’ll be hectic with all of them here, but it’ll be cool. I look forward to it. About a 3 month countdown till they arrive. Yeahh.
         You are jsut on top of things aren’t you. hehehe. I’m gonna go to bed now. It’s 11:35ish my time uhh…6:35ish your time? I think that’s right. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day all you crazy Wann people! I send you a ciao cito and an ostsuskaresamadeshita (all one word just like how it’s written in that crazzzzzy language we call japanese, hehehe).

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