January 1998 – email8

Typing typing typing…..hence the reason why I’m not doing the typing thing twice….  Cool names for things…. Let’s talk about….. crackers.

From: Gary Ploski                      1/23/98 0:15
Subject: Wow. I’ve typed a lot today.
To: April Harvey

        I’ve typed LOTS!!! I wrote about 5k to him. 2k to sis. and 4k to Barbara. Wowzers!! My hands are tired. What did I type? I could tell you if I read them again, but I don’t feel like doing that.
        Get this, the name of some crackers I came across today are called: DIGESTIVE CRACKERS. I kid you not! How about that huh. It’s just funny, that’s all there is to it. Umm.. school was boring, I started a letter to Patti S. (girl in the Peace Cor.), I haven;t written her since I arrived. I’s a bi-monthly(basically) thing with us. I received a letter from her in late October. So now I’ll send one in the month of January. Crazy mad fun huh? ewwwww. talk about excitement.
        My back muscles hurt so much (not one side — the whole thing!) I have hard time stretching my arms to even attempt a lite massage. It’s bad. Because of that I am definitely staying in Friday night, and I am going to relax allllll day Sat, until Kaz arrives of course. Then I’ll relax with him in his HUGE room. : )
        Hun, I’m gonna go to bed. It’s 12:15ish and I’m tired. Uto’s classes drain me of life and patience. Yes I actually get pissed at them. I suppress it, but it’s hard to keep down when they blatently ignore you. I don’t like that. For such a respectful place the students sure don’t know what’s goin’ on. At least a group of them don’t. Ohh well. Hope to hear from you in the mornin’. Maybe we’ll chat again. Have a crazy day hun. Oh wait you already did. I hope your not on duty. Your body has got to be wantin’ some relaxation time. Mine is.
        This is GaryP, signing off with a…. HEY u! 64 won’t ya! Y? Cuz ILU! That’s y. ciao cito

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