January 1998 – email9

This is TRUE and it’s FUNNY. The American army will do the funniest things sometimes. : )

From: Gary Ploski                            1/23/98 18:24
Subject:         FUN-E stuff about WWII
To:         April Harvey, Alice Alarcon
CC:         Ann LaFontaine, Brandi Zbikowski

A flight was made and got pictures of German’s working on something. The pictures looked strange and the US army couldn’t figure it out. It looked like a runway. It looked like there were planes and other stuff, but it wasn’t clear. As it was inspected further, it appeared that the people on this base were doing something. What were they doing? A paraphrasing of what the guy on the radio said…. “What the? Huh? What’s that their doing there? That’s not what I think it is, is it!?” The answer was a resounding — YES! What was to be done about it? A bombing run of course.
        Ans so one man boarded a plane and the weapon was loaded. He alone would make this problem go away. As he neared the base he dropped down and got in line for his bombing run. As he neared the base he lowered the bomb doors and got the weapon ready. 5-4-3-2-1 BOMB AWAY!!! And a few moments later the weapon hit the ground ……and bounced around for awhile. BOUNCED??!!! yup it bounced. (LOST? keep reading) It bounced around and eventually stopped rolling around on the ground. This WOODEN bomb had hit its target perfectly! (that was not a type-o. It was a wooden bomb!) The target: A decoy base built by the German Army, completely of WOOD!!! All the time that went into the base only to have a WOODEN bomb dropped on it!! How about that. And so the famous WOODEN BOMB was out into history. How aobut that.

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