January 1998 – news update

Repetitive? I don’t think so, just thought I’d let you know that you had gone to the place for the latest
******It may seem long, but it’ll read quick******
So what is happening with all of this crazy blinking stuff? Why the attention grabber? What could I have to say that is so important that I type this big? This is way to big isn't it.... Ok that's a bit better. You like the juice? I do. Okay, here's a quick synopsis for all you crazy people out there..

    During the past few weeks, almost four full weeks actually, I’ve had company – in my apartment to hang out with, go out with, etc. I’ve liked that a lot, a realllll lot. It was an experience getting used to dealing with people though. It took me about 1 full week of living with 4 people (Kaz, Monika, and April) to get used to dealing with a number of people. It was hard, it really was. But over the past two weeks it’s been only April and I because Monika and Kaz went to their respective homes. This left April and I alone for the two weeks. Talk about cool. We could do whatever we wanted, rent a movie, go out, read, go play in the snow (it snowed lots), go on random walks throughout the city/town, etc……

        Now April, Monika, and Kaz are all home, and so am I. There is only one difference to me being home and them being home…they are with family, friends, and so on. I am here with a few friends and no where to go. Curious as to where I’m going with this? Figured it out have you? If so, congrats — the answer is only a line or two away.

        It is now the month of January (I am posting this on the 16th because I feel I needn’t keep this from anyone.) I thought I’d keep it to myself, only allowing random people to hear about this news. Then I thought that might be fun; who knows what kind of rumors may have been started. N-E-WAY….

    As of August 1998 I will be in the country known as the United States of America, in the state of Connecticut for a duration of…………………………… an undetermined amount of time. Hence I’ll be back for as long as I want to stay in the state of CT. Who knows, maybe I’ll move out to Colorado in a year or two… It could happen.

        So to all of you internet people that have been patient enough with this homepage – thank you. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for everything. c-ya on the flip side. ciao cito

In case that is a grouping of words that is leading you to believe something that is not the true happening, I’ll just say it. I’m not renewing my contract. I will be returning to Connecticut. Oh- one last thing, I’ve learned how to say that word ‘Connecticut’ properly…. hehehe. it’s not co-ne-di-kit. How about that. hehehe. ciao cito once again.

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