Japan Blog 1997-1999

Back before BLOGS existed I ran a blog. Here was my introduction page. I can’t put the code for the original page here because I’m too embarrassed. OMG, yellow, green, black. AH! The colors. My eyes. They bleed. They scream. Here’s where it all began. Way back in August of 1997…

Departed:July 20, 1997 (Sun.) Arrived:July 21, 1997 (Mon.) JPNeseKnowledge B4 I left…
Homeaddresses and phone:
Esuto Sawa 102
3-2-47 Hon-cho,Asaka-shi
***Pleaseonly send letters and envelopes no larger than the size of a magazine tothis address. Thank you
WorkAddress and phone/fax:
Asaka City Board of Edcation
1-1-1 Hon-cho, Asaka-shi
***Ifyou are planning on sending a package, PLEASE send packages to this address.Thank you
Speaking-About10 words, maybe.
Reading-One character of Hiragana.
Culture/Society-A good understanding because I went to school with Japanese students inthe states at Teikyo Post Univ.

Brief Job description: (brief)

I am working in 5 junior high schools in the city of Asaka, in the prefecture of Saitama. I will work at each school for 2 weeks. Within each school there are 3 grade levels: ichi-nensei (1st grade), ni-nensei (2nd grade), and san-nensei (3rd grade). The ages of the students range from 13-15. Each grade has a number of classes. For Example: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2. That is the set-up of the number 5 junior high school which is called go-chu. I hope that is enough information to help you come up with questions about school life.

The Intro. Introduction Speech:

GOOOD MORNING!!!! (i try to get everyone to respond with good morning, a few times if i need to) Hi, my name is Gary Ploski and I am from a small town called Prospect, in the state Connecticut. I am very happy to be here in Japan and to be here in the gym of (school number) with all of you!

In Prospect I live with my mom and her boyfriend. They are probably home right now, maybe watching t.v. — im jealous. My girlfriend is going to school at Teikyo Post University, maybe she’s studying. I just graduated from Teikyo Post University in Connecticut, so I am only 22 years old. I am the youngest teacher in all of Asaka.

Some things I like are: soccer, tonkatsu, rice, volleyball, movies, music, japanese mayonnaise, american comic books and toys. I look forward to teaching with all of you. I hope we have fun in class, yoroshiku onegaishimas.

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