July 1997 – Japan

JULY 1997


20 Sunday

  • Departed for Japan.  A difficult day indeed but we shall see how it goes.
  • The flight was nice.  Business Class really isn’t what its thought to be in my opinion. The service was good, but i don’t care about service on a jet. If I want something I can get up and get it myself, the jet isn’t that big.
  • The seats and the video game option was a nice benefit though. 🙂
  • Met quite a many people on board. Hopefully I’ll see them again, it would be nice to see how the journey turns out for them.

    21 Monday

  • Arrived in Japan.
  • Welcome to the Hilton! Very nice place! I hear the breakfast is good.
  • Mission #1: Go to Tokyu Hands and find a plug adapter.
  • » Accomplished. I asked a security guard how to get to Tokyu Hands and he told me in his best broken English, impressive.

    22 Tuesday

  • Orientation begins today.
  • » It was fun and then again it was too long and a bit boring.

    23 Wednesday

  • Orientation ends today.
  • » It may look like it was only two days, and yes it was only two days, but it felt like a lot longer.

    24 Thursday

  • Arrived in Asaka
  • » Had lunch with Nancy, Philip, and the other new AET Liz Munro.

    25 Friday

  • First day of work…
  • » Exchanged money
  • » Opened savings account at Asahi Bank
  • » Filled out registration for my ALIEN CARD. 🙂
  • » Sat in the office for a while.

    26 Saturday

  • Hung our with Kazi.
  • » We went to the 100 yen store, interesting huh.

    27 Sunday

  • Dinner with Nancy, Liz, and three Japanese students at MOS BURGER. It was good fast food. The beef was actually beef. 🙂

    28 Monday

  • While at the office…
  • » Exchanged money.
  • » Sent some letters.
  • » Read … preparation for a speech competition.
  • » » The Boy with a Drum.
  • » » Pete and the Orange Men.
  • » » Free Willy
  • » Package arrived. (alarm clock, walkman, etc…) very happy.

    29 Tuesday

  • While at the office…
  • » Sent a package to Rille.
  • » Sent a fax to Alpha 1 (call back service)
  • » Went to Ich-chu with Matsunaga (v.p.).

    30 Wednesday

  • While at the office…
  • » Package arrived. (photos!) pumped!!
  • » Got my library card….there’s a bunny on it reading a book.

    31 Thursday

  • While at the office…
  • » Went to the Asaka City Museum.
  • » » Avery cool place. I liked it I did.
  • » Wen to Ich-chu with Matsunaga again, but we watched a movie this time — Waterloo Bridge. A very enjoyable flic.
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