July 2001 – 07/27/2001

Thank you thank you thank you! The week. It is over. My mind, it is fried. My body, it is dragging. Oh my. Thank YOU week for ending. OY! Okay ready for this? Tough – The honesty thing, it’s still a situational thing, BUT this one seems to have cleared some of the cobwebs of life. Ya see, I had inspiration to write a poem. I do not recall the last time I wrote a poem Yea?

It’s Friday night, I’m exhausted. I’m sick and tired of stupid people and I’m beyond my breaking point of stupid people that have exceptionally large egos. Go AWAY! Leave the planet, there is a perfect good Moon up there for you. Sit your ass on that and leave us all alone. There has to, HAS TO, be a way to get rid of them. Maybe some sort of genoside? Would anyone notice?

I really don’t think anyone would.

If I shot the apple’s stem of the top of the apple, would you say I have too much free time on my hands? <- meaning -> out


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