July 2001 – 07/30/2001

Never,never have I had this happen to me. Between the hours of 9:30 PM and 10:15 PM & 12:00 AM EDT and 12:25 AM EDT four different people wanted to race me! FOUR, FOURRRR, F.O.U.R. – 4!!!! My thought evertime was "Why do you want to race me? I’m just cruising with traffic? What makes you think I’d even want to race?!"

I was talking to ‘the door’ after I got back and I think I figured it out. As silly as it is — I said something like "Maybe because I keep my car clean that implys that I want to race." ‘the door’ laughed, but agreed with me. UNREAL!

Well, as it was I was pushed over the edge. This car pulls up along side me and stays there for a good 2-3 minutes on the highway, teasing me. I let them pass. They pulled righ in front of me, so I moved one lane to the right. The highway beared to the right, so when I moved over I shortened my angle to get through the turn thus ‘propelling me by this car’. Again, I was cruising with traffic and had noooooo problems doing as such. I just wanted to drive another 3 minutes on the highway to my home. BUT NO, that’s not what this car/driver had in mind.

As I ‘screamed’ by him because of the turn, he decided to kick on the highbeams to get the car out of the way in front of him. It worked. He then stayed just out of my side mirror blind spot. AND he stayed there. I couldn’t take it. I hit 3rd hard and took off by him and moved over one lane. Ahh… all done. He just wanted to see me hammer it right? WRONG!

He decides to ride my ass!!!? WTF! The vehicle in front of me moves over (thank you mini-van) and I hit 3rd again. I saw the headlights that were NEXT to my rear view mirror fade back, and back and back. I moved over a lane figuring, again, that this was over. WRONG with a capital ONG!

I was back to a normal speed and he comes cruising (his car couldn’t do anything more than that) up and passes me. For some reason I couldn’t let it be. Guess what I did, I hit 3rd for a few seconds and then hammered it into 4th. Ever watch a jet plane pass a twin prop plane? It looked like that except on the ground. I think he decided to give an inch because he finally calmed down a bit and stayed at a reasonable speed. That’s all I was looking for anyway. As I neared my exit (LOL) he hits it again and (get this) zipped by me — (LOL) no way?!

As you can tell I was/am very annoyed. Why did so many people want test me/my car tonight? I don’t get it. I really dont. It’s stock. Well, I’m starting work on a new site for mi padre – http://dynotime.net – Racers/engine builders/ tweekers you’ll want to keep an eye on it. Mi padre has an amazing reputation and it looks like he’s going to hit something big with a design he’s come up with for engine repair. <- meaning -> out

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