July/August 1998 – email4

From: Gary Ploski
Subject: ehhhhhh.
To: Kaz Shibata

        Yes indeed it gets laughs over here as well. THe family here loves the “ehhhhhh’s”. Laughin at me big time. I went to a YOHAN today and had fun lookin at all the JPNese stuff. Felt like I was back in JPN. A good feeling. It’ll be a slow let down from the JPN thing> I’m kinda, scratch that, very glad I stopped here on my way to CT. It’s a break in between the two cultures. JPN is in cali, but not in CT. While Cali is in CT, but not in JPN. I guess it’s the time needed to re-adjust.

        I’ve already read some signs improperly. I read a sign “Here Stop” vs. “Stop Here”. I had to laugh at myself. I then reaized what I was doing and began to do it for fun. “Ahead Stop” I’ve said numerous times. Kinda fun screwin up the stuff when I know I’m doin it. I can laugh at it and feel better about the problems I know I’m gonna encounter in the near future.

        Kazi, this place is wild. I went to Little Tokyo and felt like I was in JPN. DUDE! There were lots-a women… good lookin women… that spoke ENG. Kinda neat. It was clean, I bought some RAMENE and some CALPIS WATER for the fam to try out. It was about $5!!!! for the 1.5 liter. Yikes! It’s not about 2am July 26 and I’m beat. I’ve got to be up for a 6:30 departure tomorrow. Looks like I’m goin to Catalina Isl. I’ve no clue what it is, other than it being an island, but I’m goin to get burnt. It should be interesting. I’ll keep ya informed.

        By the way… One last time, Thanks so much for coming to the airport, please pass this on to Hama… try out his email on his phone. I will truly miss our talks, but I know that they’ll be upon us again sometime soon. I’m not worried about you in the way that I think I won’t see you again… because time will go by so fast that when we see each other again it’ll rock like usual. Kick it to the beat boy. Have a crazy day. ciao cito

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