June 1998 – email8

From: Gary Ploski
Subject: attention attention attention
To: Alice Alarcon, Patrick McNeil, Dan Lombardi, Brian Trusewicz, Brandi Zbikowski, Olga Popova, Yorick Brown

        An idea is in the works for we TPU’ers to get together. The tentative date is AUGUST 2nd (sunday). If it is possible, please let me know ASAP. I know there are other people that are TPU’ers that are still in the area, but aren’t on the net(for-ex:prema – she had email, then it disappeared). That poses a difficulty. If any of you could contact them, telling of this plan I would greatly appreciate the help.

        This is basically going to be a small group gathering. Let’s keep the numbers reasonable. About 10 or so should allow us to hang out and actually get to talk. If we push it up to high we might not get to chat/talk about what’s been happening in our lives throughout the past year. Gotta keep the ‘family’ together. Hope we can do this. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to play v-ball in front of South and East… Ewwww. natsukasiiiiiii.

        Where is this to happen? Why, TPU of course. Brunch at TPU! Talk about nostalgic stuff! Hey, it’s cheap, everyone knows where it is, and we’ll be able to sit together. How’s this sound so far? Well, that’s the basic idea at the moment. We need to organise the meeting time/place then we can figure out the rest of the day. SO…. please get back to me ASAP. No rest for the wicked. Oh yeah… I look forward to seeing all of you (on my second or third day back in CT). Let’s do it up! Have a crazy day. ciao cito

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