June 1998 – email9

From: Gary Ploski
Subject: atsuiiiiiii!!
To: me

        Holy HOT batman! Break out Mr.Freeze’s supply of winter green gum cause we’z cookin’ under the skin!!!  I’z was warm warm warm ! Y? Well, Kazi, Nori and I went to Ogayama to indulge ourselves with a nice break from the tempo of our usual weekends; we went to an onsen. OH yeah!

        An onsen — a reallllly warm place to go to. We were intelligent enough to go during the summer. Ain’t we’z smart. Of course. We arrived and got into a cab; that began out assent of the mountain toward the onsen. BUT, before we went to the onsen we stopped at a very cool museum. It’s a museum that is outside. Lot’s of stuff to see by Picasso and a bunch of other artists. Most impressive. BIIIIIIG big big works of art.

        Nori, Kazi and I had a very interesting conversation about happy times. Nori ni wa totemo hazukasi no jikan deshita. hehehehehe. Kazi and I had fun… and will as well. haha. tanoshimini! 718. haha ikimasho.

        Dewa, We left for the hot spring (onsen) and roasted our buns!!! It wasn’t as hot as I was hoping it to be, but it was definitely worth the trip. Quite expensive, but worth it I must say. The big-n had fun looking for something, anything beyond the wall that was before us. peep, peep. hehe.

        We came back with a lot of good laughs and a look to the future. shichigatsujuhacinichinisannindeikimasho. Ohhh yeah!!! That was planned waaaaay after our golf excursion. YES; I played golf… putta gorufu – that’s putter golf, or mini-golf. The wager was 100 yen! Mad yen in the house. It came down to the last hole… Nori had shot a birdie, Kazi-man was waaaaay outta it with an 8 on the hole – that killed his score. I think it was an 8, anyway… My next shot, after Nori’s, was a birdie. If I sunk the shot I would win, if I missed… well, who knew what would happen. Nobody would get the money… what a waste.

        I shot…… the ball rolled…. and kept on going. No birdie for me. Nori was yippin and yollin! I said, “Ahh man, I missed, darn. Shucks. Next shot… plop. A tie. 34’s in the book, 34’s call it even… no money. BUT WAIT! Kazi had an idea. One shot, closet shot wins!  Nori goes first… a good shot. About 5 feet from the hole. My shot… eww… Nori thinks he’s got it. He breaks out the club, measures my ball first. About the length of one club…. Nori’s… well, let’s say it way a bit more. 200 yen went into my hand and Nori was kickin himself telling me to be careful of where I walked. hehehe.

        What a day. Steeeeeeaaaammmin hot time then and … heeheheheh, then. OH YEAH, tanoshimini I am. have a crazy day. ciao cito

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